Steve Jobs to iPhone Users: "No Flash for You!"


So much for native Flash support in iPhone. In an interview yesterday, Steve Jobs told reporters that Adobe's mobile Flash player "isn't good enough" for iPhone, shunning its possible inclusion in the product. He went on to make an oddly elusive and interesting comment, saying "There's this missing product in the middle,", hinting that Apple may have said "missing" product in development. What could it be? It won't be Silverlight, that much is certain.

You may be asking yourself why Adobe Flash support is important? Because nearly all forms of web based video from YouTube, Vimeo, Qik, and Brightcove, to name a few, are delivered or streamed in this format. Without it, such video content cannot be viewed directly. Apple developed a workaround for its YouTube anemic iPhone in the form of a homescreen client app that effectivetly siphons and converts Flash content into a digestible format, but users want a full on web video experience.

Will we ever see true native Flash support brought to iPhone, even if kicking and screaming? Read it and weep.

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Steve Jobs to iPhone Users: "No Flash for You!"


I have to agree with Steve, at least when it comes to Mobile Flash: the product is TERRIBLE. I've tried it on several phones that support it and it really just sucks.
Of course, since Safari is supposedly running on the iPhone, why can't have the REAL flash player?

The iPhone does not convert YouTube flash video to be playable on the iPhone. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, is also on the Apple board. The Steve used his influence with Eric to convince YouTube to transcode their video to H.264, which the iPhone, iPod Touch, and video-capable iPods play. This means that YouTube itself is feeding out H.264. It's too bad this isn't done for all YouTube video, because H.264 is a much better format than Flash. After all, HDTV (and thus HD-DVD and Blu-Ray) use H.264 for the bulk of the video available in those formats.

One possible reason for Steve's disdain for mobile Flash could have something to do with performance. In other incarnations of Flash on embedded devices, picture quality and performance were abysmal. If that is the case with iPhone as well, it's something the platform can do without. But there needs to be some portal for accessing rich internet content.

I was really startled when I saw the headline of the post -- I think that "white trash" is one of the most offensive terms in US English, managing to be both classist and implicitly racist -- and then I realized this is one of those blogs where quotes are not necessarily used to indicate what someone actually said. Whew.

I want an iPhone — but I do NOT want AT&T/Stinkular. When oh when will T-Mobile enter the game?
Also, will future generation iPhones have native UMA/WiFi phone capability? Seems a shame the current versions do not. My BlackBerry Curve does, and it ROCKS!

Bobby, unfortunately I've heard that AT&T and Apple have an exclusive contract until 2010 or 2012, I can't remember which is correct, though I thought my AT&T sales rep said 5 years. That's would be 2007. Kent might be able to confirm or deny this info, as I'm only about 70% sure it's accurate.
AT&T isn't that bad. I've had generally the same service as my previous non-AT&T carrier, if not better in places outside my home area. A G3 iPhone is rumored to be coming this summer, but honestly, I love my iPhone as it is right now. The newer versions should be even better.
The iPhone truly IS almost everything I've ever wanted in a mobile phone, and Apple definitely hit close to the mark when they made it. Sure, there are more features I'd like to see, but I'm sure they will eventually come. Compared to my old old Palm or my Blackberry, my Iphone completely destroys them. Just get one!

The question is whether Apple will look to SVG as an alternative for Flash. SVG is lightweight, open standard, and is already supported by Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
I've speculated about this on my blog. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.
Opera Software

This is just a matter of time that we will all get a flash for our devices. While flash presents best user experience for average visitors It surely will be considered in some next gen devices.