Steve Jobs wanted you to have a Sony VAIO running OS X

OS X has always been a Mac only product – despite the Hackintosh scene – but it now comes to light that at one point in its life that might have changed. With Sony the beneficiary. In a tale of VAIO, Golf and Steve Jobs, Apple's former CEO was apparently keen to expand OS X to Sony's laptop brand. From Nobi:

Most of Sony's executives spends their winter vacation in Hawaii and play golf after celebrating new year. In one of those new year golf competitions back in 2001, " Steve Jobs and another Apple executive were waiting for us at the end of golf course holding VAIO running Mac OS" recalls Ando; 2001 is the year, Mac OS X shipped and I am speculating this is Intel-version of Mac OS X, they hid for four and half years since then.

This is particularly apt right now, considering the rumors that Sony is in fact ready to offload its struggling laptop division. Jobs is said to have seen something special in the VAIO line, so much so that he was prepared to make an exception and go away from Apple's own hardware in an official capacity.

The rest, as they say is history. Of course nothing ever came of it, Apple moved over to Intel CPU's after an announcement at WWDC in 2005, and now we hear that Sony is ready to offload making laptop computers completely. Would OS X have made a difference to the fortunes of the VAIO brand over the past decade? Give the full article a read and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Nobi via The Verge

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Steve Jobs wanted you to have a Sony VAIO running OS X


I like the Vaio line from an industrial design perspective. They can also have some impressive internal hardware. However, Sony keeps making the mistake, imo, of pricing their computers like Macs. I could see this if Sony had an exclusive OS like Apple, but it doesn't. I feel that in the end they just come across as overpriced windows laptops.

Hard to say, Apple's skills come from integrating software/hardware tightly and they'd lose that if they pass the bucks to Sony.

That's not to say that Sony can't release quality hardware, they do but without the software to go along with it. That's practically why they're not winning in the business, if the software experience's almost the same between 300-800$ laptops and Sony's $1K+ laptops, people are always going to pick the cheaper ones.

People are willing to pay more for iOS devices mainly because it provides a better stable experience than other phones. If iOS was sold on Samsung devices, you can bet that people will buy the cheaper Samsung ones and Apple's devices will fail.

Not all that shocking when you consider that Steve Jobs had great respect for Sony and borrowed some things from them over the years. The world would no doubt be a different place had this happened but thank goodness it didn't. Apple retained and built upon expertise that allowed them to become the company they are today. I don't think that would be true if it were Sony engineering computers running OSX.

Why would Sony all of a sudden sell more PC's if they ran OSX - here is my ? How many Macbook's, Air's, and Pro's are sold each year? How many Vaio PC's are sold a year? If someone had those numbers, id bet we could decipher a little bit from it. My initial thought, is that if Sony had gone this route, Apple would not be anywhere near where it is today, how would that have affected Ipad? Would Sony have made the tablets, would Apple have given them ios as well? I love what ifs.......

Now this is interesting... If this had happened I think a lot of what we are seeing today would have been different. Although I think it's for Apple's best interest that this partnership of sort didn't push through.

Of course it would. But most likely they knew how much Apple would hit Sony with the ipod, so Steve felt sorry for them, because they saw what would happen with the Windows powered VAIO line.

Still, it was better for Apple this way.

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At the time the Vaio was a great machine. I could see why he would want that. I'm glad the decision was made not to go in that direction.

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