UPDATED: Misquoted? Steve Wozniak: Android will be the dominant platform

In an interview with a Dutch newspaper, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak made quite the statement about Apple's main competition, saying Google's Android would be the dominant platform in the future.

Woz told the newpaper that Android smartphones (yes Android is not a phone but an operating system), not the iOS powered iPhone would become the dominant smartphone on the market much like Windows was and still is the dominant PC OS. He also added that he believes Android phones have more features that users want and gives users more choices overall. He also believes eventually Android quality, consistency, and user satisfaction will match that of iOS.


Woz says he gave the De Telegraaf reporter a lengthy demonstration of voice commands on iOS and Android, pointed out that Android offered the ability to say "Navigate to Joe's Diner," and suggested that Apple would catch up through its purchases of Siri and Poly9. According to Steve, that's about it -- he says he'd "never" say that Android was better than iOS, and that "Almost every app I have is better on the iPhone." Woz did say he lightly prognosticated that Android would become more popular "based on what I've read," but that he expects Android "to be a lot like [Engadget]

The Woz also had some interesting insight into the beginning of the iPhone. He told a story of how back in 2004 Apple worked with a well known Japanese electronics company to produce a phone that would be ahead of its time. It obviously never came to market because, as Woz stated in his interview, they liked the build quality but wanted something that would simply amaze the world, which in turn ended up coming a few years later in 2007.

Steve Wozniak has some interesting points and we want to know what you think about his comments and we want to know your thoughts on the whole Android vs iOS debate. Just keep it above the belt in the comments below!

[ Engadget ]

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Reader comments

UPDATED: Misquoted? Steve Wozniak: Android will be the dominant platform


I wouldn't underestimate WP7. Clearly though it won't be Apple which is a premium brand. The cheaper platforms will prevail in sheer numbers.

I don't that think he's a fanboy at all. I think he's keeping it real. Android will be the dominate mobile os. If you can't see that your blind. It's too many phones out there with android on it, and that not at apples expense it's just is what it is.
He was also only talking about smartphones. The tablet space may be way different because of the iPad

He's right but low(er) volume comes with higher / premium products. Think apple think , cars, fashion, food...any kind of products.

Well of course android will be the more dominant brand. Ios is on one phone, the iPhone, whereas android is on like 400 different phones with new ones coming out every 2 weeks

Android may very well end up being the dominant platform - but that doesn't mean that iOS will dry up and go away. Far from it.
If nothing else, I see Android as the enabler to force Apple to make it even more than it is today. It's just a question of when, since Apple has become more about its iOS devices than computers.

@Chris great points! Android being around only helps make others (including Apple obviously) innovate and make better products for us consumers to use! Got to love competition!

Obviously Android will overtake market volume. Woz is stating the obvious. Quality, consistency, and user satisfaction have no bearing on the outcome, price point will ensure that dominance.
Woz is undoubtedly a nice guy... but would anyone really spend a buck based on his opinion? He's like everyone's grandfather: you admire him, respect what he did several decades ago, but equally realise he isn't in the mainstream these days and has no commercial input. In real terms, his opinion means little beyond the entertainment factor.

Android is becoming a meta platform on which carriers build their own stuff. It's annoyingly inconsistent. It's now the "buy one, get one free" junk they hand out.

I hope he's right for two reasons. First, competition breeds innovation. If iOS had a monopoly it would stagnate much like the former Windows Mobile OS did. (Yes, yes, WP7, blah, blah, blah).
Second, just like OSX vs Windows, hackers are going to spend their time going after the most dominate OS in the market place. For purely selfish reasons, I'd rather see iOS have a solid devoted but small market share. Think of it as dining at the chef owned restaurant up the street that uses all local ingredients as opposed to going to Chili's.

So if Android becomes the most dominant mobile platform, will the Android fanboys still be able to call iPhone owners sheep?

When I first tried an iPhone back in December 2007 in a 5 minute exercise, I did not like it, especially the keyboard. At the time I was using a Palm Trek and my biggest problem was the iPhone keyboard. With my technical background I decided to give it a try anyway, I could bring it back within 14 days.
It took me almost a day to fall in love with the iPhone, especially the keyboard.
I've also had the 3G and 3Gs, each better than the last. Back in July of this year I moved to a Droid X. I did this not away get away from the iPhone, but to move to a carrier that actually has serviceand play.
I miss my iPhone and hopefully it will actually come to Verizon, at which time I will probably switch back to the iPhone.
It's not an easy decision, both the Droid X and iPhone are great phones and both Froyo and iOS are great operating systems that do everything well but a little different. I like how the Droid X and Android do some things better than the iPhone and iOS and then again, I like how the iPhone and iOS do other things better than the Droid X and Android.
After considering the pros and cons of each phone and OS and what I want in a smartphone, without taking into consideration any carrier differences, I have determined that the iPhone would best suit MY needs, and that's what its all about, what works best for ME.
Everyone has different needs when it comes to a smartphone and what is right for one person doesn't make it universally right for everyone, that's why there are plenty of options.

Woz was...Nuff said. I could care less what he thinks. I like my iPhone. I won't be changing. (This week anyway)

I think that the iPhone 4 is a way better product. I own one and think it is amazing and is simple for anyone to use androids I do not like as much.

Woz definitely knows his stuff, but I'm not sure that any of what he stated was every really in dispute. Android already is like Windows - it's an OS on multiple platforms that supports vendor specific software and universal software.
That being said, Windows' ubiquity hasn't stifled OS X. I see no reason why Android's inevitable ubiquity (not to sideline Windows Phone 7) would stifle iOS development in any real way. And, in terms of specific features, with more pressure Apple will probably continue to open up the platform to more features.
Win win as far as I'm concerned.

I love how 1 phone is being compared to over 100. Put Andriods best selling phone against the iPhone. The iPhone towers over any one single Andriod phone on the market. 1 phone to 1 phone.

"dominant" does not imply "best"
Android is a great OS an will only keep getting better and more ubiquitous. I doubt Woz is saying anything that Jobs wouldn't agree with (albeit privately). I also doubt Apple's business plan ever centered around dominating the mobile OS market, so this isn't a really shocking revelation. The kids in Cupertino seem to care more about a flawless end user exprience. I for one like that, but many folks have grown tired of Steve Jobs' Soup Nazi aproach to maintaining it. No Flash For You ! ! !

Calm down people, Woz was completely misquoted. He clarified his position:
Woz says he gave the De Telegraaf reporter a lengthy demonstration of voice commands on iOS and Android, pointed out that Android offered the ability to say "Navigate to Joe's Diner," and suggested that Apple would catch up through its purchases of Siri and Poly9. According to Steve, that's about it -- he says he'd "never" say that Android was better than iOS, and that "Almost every app I have is better on the iPhone." Woz did say he lightly prognosticated that Android would become more popular "based on what I've read," but that he expects Android "to be a lot like Windows... I'm not trying to put Android down, but I'm not suggesting it's better than iOS by any stretch of the imagination. But it can get greater marketshare and still be crappy.

As an iPhone user, let me paraphrase Gregg's post: "waaaahhhh wahhhhhh wahhhh (call me a waaaahhhmbulance)". Try to post something relevant next time. That same old whiny crap would matter if each iPhone user bought only one phone, but each Android user bought 100. The only important point is which platform will have more users, period.
Android's competition will push Apple to add features, which is great for my phone of choice. I will stick with iPhone until/unless I determine that an Android phone will suit me better.

No, he wasn't misquoted, it's on tape.
Steve Jobs called him up and melted his iphone, and Woz is backpeddeling furiously.

It's doesn't really matter, it comes down to personal preference. If someone ask me to switch over to Android phone, I would tell them no and vice versa. I used the Android platform and it didn't really suit my needs like the IPhone did.

I have posted many iphone dissing comments so listen when I post with reason.
Iphone us a great phone... For some. There is nothing that will make any phone better than the next other than opinion. To some a simple texting phone is better than an iphone. being better to one person or a million means nothing. Better for one, worse for another. That's it. Its all opinion. If it was based on fact then the iphone would be slightly at a disadvantage without a kickstand, extra led flash, and bigger screen.
So, it is all opinion

I'm sticking with Apples's OS. Trust me it will only get better. Just be patient. Watch and learn what Apple will do next... It will be exciting...

Not that Steve "Dancing with Stars" Wozniak's opinion is relevant, but yeah, Android will be the Windows of mobiles. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to see that.

A phone is a phone, and I think alot of people nowadays are beginning to fall away from this. I barely use my phone for data anymore actually, but I will always keep a smartphone. I just got rid of my iPhone 4 two weeks ago for the Droid X. Both are great phones. However, Verizon service is way better than AT&T will ever be in my area, so the choice for me was obvious. Also, another plus for me is that Motorola isn't super-secretive, we'll kill anybody if any kind of information is leaked prior to 3 minutes before launch. I can't stand Apple for that. So I'll keep my iPad and iPod touch with me, and I'll have a phone for exactly that purpose- the phone part.

I have a friend who has a Droid something or other. She's had it for a year. I send her stuff and cool things and she keeps saying she doesn't know how to access it on her Droid. I use damn near every feature on my iPhone and would hate to have a phone that I can't figure out. iPhone makes it simple. I'm sticking with iPhone & ATT.

IOS has been playing catchup with android for a while now. They just got mutlitasking, unified mailboxes etc... Android is the one who is magical and revolutionary. Ios is now playing follow the leader.

well i saw the galaxy s today , my cabby had it on the way home. Its a nice piece of kit. "it's too complicated" he said. "i'm having so many problems just trying to work out how to use it, i've got a mate of mine who's got one and he just wants to throw it out of the window, but he can't because it's so expensive." as was stated earlier - dominant doesn't equal good.

THE !ST IPHONES were motorola's V3i and slvr with itunes...they had a 50 song and 100 song limit...RESEARCH IT

When Woz is quoted, people listen. When Woz is misquoted, as he was here, stock prices drop.
And as for iOS playing catch-up? Not so. See Ted, you're operating under the misconception that there can only be one set of features.
Most people using the iPhone recognized it already multitasked far better than any other smartphone. Granted, you couldn't listen to Pandora and write an email, but I don't use Pandora, so I listened to my music using the iPod app while reading Google Feeds, checking email, chatting with my wife and laughing at people who said, "Don't you want a phone that multitasks?"
Now with the abomination of iOS 4, I'm actually less productive. I have to jailbreak my phone just to turn that crap off so I could get work done again.
iOS is not playing catch up with anyone, because they're running a completely different race. Realize that and you'll be happier with whatever device you have.

Wow, I am appalled at how quickly some of you would out right viciously attack Steve Woz for speaking his mind. Really?? And to make such negative remarks about an individual who has done quite a bit in regards to the advancement in technology today.
Apple fan bois are true JCL’s!! Get a freaking clue…geeez!

Most of the fanboys are like the old pc wars in the fact that most of you cut down the droid and possibly have never even used one. But forbid any one talking bad about your precious little phones. Attack the Wozniak like a lot of you did, you should have your phones taken away.
What a stack of little girls you snits are.

Android will be the dominant platform, there's no doubt about it. There are almost a hundred phones on pretty much all the carriers. That being said, iPhone won't just go away. In the long run, it'll most likely by android and ios in the phone world, that's it.

Wow..People take this iPhone vs. Android thing a bit to seriously. If Android became #1 and iOS #2, would that really effect your day to day life? Both Android and iOS has pros and cons. I have both an iPhone 4, for work, and a Droid X, for play. Both are great devices, but this whole "war" is pretty ridiculous.

As hard as it is to believe, much less admit, Android "probably" will be the dominant platform due to the simple fact that the Android system is used on multiple makes and models of smartphones/tablets and iOS is utilized on simply ONE company's devices.
Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe iOS is the elite platform. It's User Interface is miles ahead of any of the competition. But, because it is used only with Apple's "iDevices" iOS doesn't have the opportunity to be as widespread as Android. And that's exactly the way Apple wants it. Everyone reading this knows for a fact that if Apple offered to license iOS to other companies such as HTC, LG, Samsung and maybe even RIM they would be all over it. iOS could EASILY be the dominant platform. But, it's exclusivity is what makes iOS what it is.