Stock Talk 02: Apple value, RIM results, Android uptake

Chris, Ed, and Rene talk Apple value, RIM's latest results, the uptake of Android, webOS going open source, Microsoft's mobile chances, HTML5 platforms, the future of LTE, and the year ahead. This is Mobile Nations Stock Talk.



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FlopTech says:

Re: "Microsoft’s mobile chances"
If Microsoft had a chance to even slightly scratch the surface of the mobile market in, say, the next year or two, they would still be welcome to keynote at CES ad nauseam. Just our $0.02.

Murani Lewis says:

I just want to point out to the point that Nokia maybe should've been defending their low end market turf opposed to the high end with the Lumia series that its been stated already by Microsoft and Nokia that the true strength of their partnership is they are pushing to get the cost of their smartphones produced for less than $200. That will allow phones coming to carriers with subsidies where its free or very cheap. Plus the low end smartphones are coming in 2012.