Say goodbye to real-world junk mail with PaperKarma for iPhone

Stop junk mail with PaperKarma for iPhone

You come home, tired and frazzled, reach into your mailbox to get the letter you're expecting or the bills you're dreading, and all you come out with is a fist-full of... junk mail. Well, PaperKarma is here to put an end to it, an end to the unsolicited promotions clogging your mail and littering your curb. And it's as simple as taking a photo.

When a piece of unwanted junk mail shows up to your home or office, be it a magazine, coupon book, flyer, credit card book, or phone book, all you have to do is open PaperKarma, snap a photo with the offender's name clearly visible, and hit send. That's it. PaperKarma will take care of the rest and submit a request to unsubscribe on your behalf.

It's like playing whack-a-mole with junk-mail. Click. Done.

Unfortunately, PaperKarma is U.S. only right now, but hopefully it, or similar services, spread internationally. Not only is junk mail annoying and intrusive, it also has a massive negative impact on the environment. Taking a few seconds out of your day for each piece of junk mail you receive will not only help de-clutter your life, but help save the Earth. And PaperKarma makes it fast, easy, and fun to do.

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Leanna Lofte

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Say goodbye to real-world junk mail with PaperKarma for iPhone


There is no way that this will work. As a legitimate business owner that has utilized EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail through the USPS), I seriously doubt that I would receive any notice from this company, and if I did, I wouldn't have the time to track/monitor the people that don't want my advertisement. It's just easier to send to everyone in a certain zip code. Sorry....

Leanna - thanks for the write up!
Jerry - you're absolutely right, in all cases where mail is carpet bombed, it's impossible to get ppl off the list, as there isnt a 'list' as you point out. however we still provide sender info in case the user wants to contact them or perhaps not do business w them. these items show will show up unde the Failed tab. we'll make this more clear in the faq. thx for the feedback.

Here in Canada you can just put a note in your mailbox saying you don't want junk mail, and from that point on all you receive is mail addressed to the residence. No junk mail!

I've had that on my mailbox in Quebec for years. I still get pizza ads and other assorted junk. I like the idea of this app, though. It's very "little brother", and shows how mobile, connected, camera-equiped devices can change us from being passive victims of a thousand kinds and change us into empowered, active individuals.
Whether or not this specific app makes a difference on a case by case basis is besides the point -- that we're getting these kinds of apps is phenomenal.
I want to see where this leads.

Does this work for businesses too?
I would say about 80% of all mail I get is junk that I then have to recycle. Other than packages, the mail system is pretty much pointless.

i hate to disappoint but most "Junk Mail" I get is adressed to me by name. So i don't see haw this is going to work. Also a good lot of it is blanketed Mail sent to every adress in a zip code. also called EDDM. I don't think that these people are going to pull adress out of the pile, it would cost too much to do so.
It was a great idea though !!

An idea: we drop junk mail back in the mailbox with the words in thick marker stating, "return to sender." with or without our names/addresses, let this go back to the offenders.

If it just would stop Capital One credit card offers, it would be worth it's weight in gold. It is kinda fun putting a note saying "no thanks, are you tired of spending postage yet" in the self addressed postage paid envelop that comes with the offer.

Sand in the business reply envelopes is fun also. Don't use powder, unless you want a visit from the men in black.

True. On a side note, I had a realitive that passed away, and all he got was junk mail. I asked the postal carrier to stop the mail, and he stated remove the mail box, and they cannot deliver the mail. Never thought of that. Does not help when you are still alive, and want some of your mail.

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