Substitutions for iOS can help you find food alternatives due to allergy or heath concerns

Substitutions for iOS can help you find food alternatives due to allergy or heath concerns

Substitutions for both iPhone and iPad lets you search for alternatives to foods, beverages, and even utensils. Ever had a time where you forgot something at the store or you didn't realize one of your guests had a food allergy? Substitutions most likely has a suggestion. This makes it a great app to have on hand, just in case you ever need it, as most of us will.

The first thing you notice about Substitutions is that it's very simple. There aren't tons of menus to weed through or tap into. No detailed descriptions to read. Just search for or drill down into the category and find the item you need a substitute for. You'll see the substitute suggestions directly underneath it. That's it.

Unfortunately, I've been allergic to different kinds of alcohol for as long as I can remember. Even though the alcohol content is cooked out during preparation, I have had minor reactions depending on the kind. Now I know with just a few taps what we can substitute when we run into a recipe that has alcohols in it that bother me. Beyond that, most recommended substitutions are items that most of us have in our homes on a regular basis.

Substitutions also allows you to add your own substitutions or share existing ones. If you know of something that isn't listen, simply add it. I especially like the utensils section as we never seem to be able to find a pan or knife we need. It's good to know there are alternatives that are normally something we do have laying around.

If you or someone in your home as allergies or health restrictions, there's no reason not to have Substitutions on your iPhone or iPad.

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Substitutions for iOS can help you find food alternatives due to allergy or heath concerns


I like this. I'm interested in this app for the category on migraines alone. Thanks, Allyson!

Oh wow! Disappointed I hadn't thought of looking for an app like this much sooner but very thankful it exists and you brought it to my attention!

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I heard about this app the other day and this post told me more about it. I just bought the app a little while ago. It's a great idea for when you're missing an ingredient, or when you have guests coming who have allergies or dietary restricts/prohibitions. Thanx!

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wow, this is a great idea! I have several allergies, and it's nice to be able to find alternatives for cooking! great app!

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Good find, Allyson! Can I ask you a question? You mentioned that you're allergic to different kinds of alcohol, and I'm assuming it includes booze, right? What do usually drink when you're out with, lets say, your iMore family? (Hoping I'm not crossing any line here. If I am, I'm really sorry. I also don't drink alcohol so sometimes it can a bit awkward when I'm hanging out with friends.)

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Definitely worth the dollar. Thankfully, I don't have any allergies, but I know quite a few people who could benefit from this.

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Wow, great app, I'm an ios programmer, and always looking for a great idea to implement it to be an app, and this one is great,

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