Sunrise Calendar goes universal, adds week view, background updates

Sunrise Calendar goes universal, adds week view, background updates

Sunrise Calendar is now a universal app, adding a new design for the iPad in today's update to version 2.1. Also part of the update, Sunrise has a new Week view to both iPhone and iPad. On the iPhone, you can view three days at a time, while on the iPad, you can view five in portrait, and seven in landscape. To enter Week view, simply tap the three vertical bars next to the '+' button in the top right. Tap the button again to return to the standard view. The iPad version also supports a full month calendar view.

Sunrise 2.1 also brings support for background updating. By default, the app will check for changes every hour, but you can adjust the interval to be longer or shorter if you want.

You can download the updated to Sunrise Calendar from the App Store right now.

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Reader comments

Sunrise Calendar goes universal, adds week view, background updates


Why would this application want to access contacts? When I saw that, the only thing to do is delete the application.

Scheduling meetings with others, or integrating contact info with appointments (dentist, friend's house, etc) is a useful feature.

Really nice Calendar App. Nice as full featured as Calendars 5 or Fantastical 2, but if you use Google calendars its a great free app.

Does it still require your iCloud account credentials to sync your data? If so, then it's still a no go for me. Was using it a few months ago, entered my credentials, and then a few weeks later, the company had a data breach, and said that the database with all the iCloud ID's and password was stolen. Had to change my password on 8 different devices because of these clowns. There's no reason ANY app should ask for your iCloud account info. It should sync up using the internal API and access the calendar data like any other 3rd party calendar app.

Great app. The only feature that I see lacking is tasks / reminder integration. I'm sticking with Pocket Informant for now.

Me too. I prefer to get apps that are universal. But there are some of those iPhone/iPad-only apps that are worth it because of some additional features or a revamp layout for a specific device.
And for calendar apps, I'm sticking with Fantastical 2.