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Although Editor Emeritus (and Phone different podcaster) Mike Overbo lost his mind when over the Spore demo during the iPhone SDK Keynote, but yours-truly was much more excited over Super Monkey Ball. Why, well, for many of the same reason that developer Ethan Einhorn gave to GameCyte: you can pick it up and play it without having to think about the interface. I've whiled away many an hour directing little crystal balls down checkered ramps towards that little flag. Also: monkeys.

In any case, the above video is a bit of a recap of what we we saw during the keynote. However, there's one bit that bears repeating:

When we started on that two-week trek to get Super Monkey Ball up and running on the iPhone in demo form, it was incredibly easy to work with the SDK. We were working with the development team that had not worked with Cocoa and OpenGL, and it’s pretty astonishing that they were able to make that level of performance happen that quickly. That bodes really well for what we can do in the future on a device like that.

Developing apps for the iPhone is easy and therefore we can and should expect all sorts of great games popping out. So we won't be limited to Quake on the iPhone, because porting fun games like Super Monkey Ball is easy enough that a developer would be crazy not to do it.

What casual games are you hoping for on the iPhone? Answer here and be entered for a chance to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card!

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Dieter Bohn

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Super Monkey Ball Developer Interviewed - Wait-a-Thon


Star Wars. Do not underestimate the power of an iPhone Star Wars space assault.
However, what I'm most looking forward to are innovated new games I cannot yet even imagine, driven by the power of OpenGL and hardware acceleration, and the unique interface provided via the accelerometer, multi-touch, and other next-gen technologies surfaced by the buttery soft SDK.

I think it would be cool to see counterstrike. When I saw quake that was the first thing I thought. Also some old school donkey kong and galaga would be great too.

Marble Blast could be a nice retro title and would easily work with accelerometer. I also think some Wii-like games requiring gesturing (Warioware) could be fun. However, I think LoadRunner would be great as you could tilt to run through the level.

You really could take a FPS to a whole new level with using the tilting aspect of the iphone for movement, it would free you up to have a pretty smooth experience and use your fingers for shooting, changing weapons and such.

i think a good game that could sounds awsome on the iphone would be Sky Roads think about playing this game with the accelerometer it could be so much fun.
Another good one would be Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy which could be so awsome to get this old retro game on the iphone

Great blog post, will bookmark your site and also add your rss feed to my feed readers! Many thanks for a very good read!