Superhero Workout turns exercise into a game

Superhero Workout is a new game for iPhone and iPad that uses motion recognition from the device's camera to track your exercise and frame it as a game. In it, you're a heroic power armor pilot and you have to quickly switch between exercises in order to power up the Aegis Battlesuit systems, avoid incoming projectiles, and unleash attacks of your own.

There are 20 missions all told, relying exclusively on body weight - that is, you don't need any equipment to enjoy these, only steely resolve.

Superhero Workout comes from the same developer as Zombies, Run!, which was an innovative running tracker that used audio of the undead to keep you moving.

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Simon Sage

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Superhero Workout turns exercise into a game

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May have to give this a try. I know it wasn't the greatest in the word but when Star Wars: The Force Unleashed came out on the Wii it was a bit of a work out controlling the old lightsaber when the fights got tough.