Supposed iPad 3 front panels show black and white options, home button

Supposed iPad 3 front panels show black and white options, home button

New photos have surfaced, purportedly of the iPad 3 front panel, showing both black and white color options, and the traditional home button. If accurate, they show no visible design changes from the iPad 2. The photos were obtained by Fix-iPhones, who note:

The picture above is the iPad 3 digitizer. This part controls the iPad's touch function, as well as includes your front glass. [...] [A] change we have noticed is the digitizer connection. That difference between the iPad 3 and the digitizer part for the iPad 2 does confirm that the logic board will be different, just as we surmised by looking at the back housing.

Following Apple's iPad event announcement, the lack of a Home button in the device image spurred speculation that Apple would be ditching the hardware control and going all-in with a gesture-based interface.

That seemed highly unlikely for a number of reasons, not the least of which is accessibility.

It also makes sense for Apple to keep the same overall design for iPad 2 and iPad 3, much as they did with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, and with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Rumors of a complete iPhone redesign last year created an expectational dissonance for consumers when the almost identically designed iPhone 4S was released. No such redesign rumors have preceded the iPad 3, so expectations will probably be far better aligned for this launch.

We just want our Retina displays.

Check out an additional photo and more description of the front panel via the link below.

Source: Fix iPhones

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Supposed iPad 3 front panels show black and white options, home button


These posts are getting really old and just makes the mac fanboy world look even more sad and desparate. Can you really not just hold on for less than a we for REAL news rather than all these rumors and faked pictures.
I might just photoshop out the home button and add in another camera hole for the twin lense 3D camera setup and you would believe it.

We're an iPhone enthusiast site. This is one of the types of posts we exist to collect and contextualize. Fortunately, they're incredibly easy to skip over and we have lots of app news, accessory reviews, and other great content. Enjoy!

But seriously. White, black, and a home button!!!!! I could have guessed that. That's every Apple product. AMAZING.

I told you guys there would be a home button. There's no good reason to ditch it, and plenty of good reasons not to.

We're lazier than we are greedy. The only reason we ever post anything is to serve our readers. Tons of rumors go by every day that we don't think warrant your attention and we skip on posting.
Since so many people started talking about iPad 3 not having a home button, we felt this would be relevant. Apparently a lot of other Apple sites did as well, because they also posted it.
If nothing else, it gave a lot of people something to complain about, which is, as we all know, the only reason the internet exists :)

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