Supposed iPhone 5 front panel schematics leaked

Yesterday, we saw a clear picture of what was supposedly the casing part for the iPhone 5 launching this fall, and today we have this shot of its manufacturing schematic.  

Unfortunately, all of the figures have been blurred out, but we're pretty sure that with the added length, the screen size should be around 4 inches measured diagonally. Everything else seems to line up with what we saw yesterday, including the new bottom placement of the headphone jack, new micro-dock connector, and a Facetime camera directly above the earpiece (rather than off to the side, as on current iPhone models). Of course, one always has to be wary of taking this stuff too seriously; this could still easily be yet another Chinese iPhone knock-off, however elaborate it may be.

Personally, I'm cool with the new design, if this actually pans out to a production iPhone 5. The two-toned matte/glass rear looks classy enough, and a bottom-mounted headphone jack would make it easier to listen to tunes on an iPhone 5 while having it placed right-side-up on a desk for regular usage; in its current spot, headphone wires have to wrap around and I find tend to get in the way. I'm also curious to see if that rumor about new colors pans out; a little variety beyond black and white would be nice to see. The new micro-dock connector is likely to peeve a few people who have invested heavily in accessories, but Apple's never been shy about making a clean break from the past for the sake of pushing onwards into the future.

Do you guys think this is actually what the iPhone 5 will end up looking like? Would you rather a different layout, perhaps something a bit wider? Where do you stand on the whole 16:9 aspect ratio debate? Here are a few cleaner pictures of the black and white casing the bubbled up yesterday for your consideration.

Source: iLab Factory via AppleInsider, 9to5 Mac

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Reader comments

Supposed iPhone 5 front panel schematics leaked


What sting7k said. Keep in mind that this is just one of their prototypes. There's still time for them to change their minds.

Still think the two tone is ugly. Hope they either do all aluminum or stick to all glass in the back. I don't really care about the size as long as its not too big. All I want is lte.

Gotta say LTE is the one and only thing I'm absolutely concerned about. I went from a 4G Android to the 4s and thats really all I miss. I also came from a 4.3" screen but I quickly got used to the smaller screen, and I'm not scared to buy a couple new charging cables but I'm one of the people who doesn't have many accessories to replace.

Yeah, both my vehicles use USB, so no issue there. Most of my other accessories are long overdue to be replaced (the don't support charging on the newer stuff) so I am ok there, too. LTE is a must, screen size, well, I'll just trust they have that worked out with ratios.
My wife will be getting here first iPhone when the new one is released (which I will be upgrading my 4 to). She was planning on a $99 4S, but if they leave that with the current 30 pin, I may have to reconsider and just get her the 16GB new iPhone.

Overall... shrug.
A slightly larger screen could be nice, but larger form factor means it won't fit as comfortably in my pockets.
The new & different dock connecter is going to be particularly annoying, even if long overdue. And yet again, we get a proprietary connector, not an industry standard? Apple could make folks happy by including an adapter in the box to allow the use of old cables and accessories. I'm betting they won't and it'll be a $20 item.
I'm not sold on the looks yet. I'll probably end up slapping a Karvt wooden backing on it anyway.
In the end, it'll be the hardware and capabilities that matter to me more than the form factor and small changes. If it's another leap above the 4s in capabilities, I'll probably upgrade. My 4 is getting a bit old, and I'm looking forward to something faster.

if rumors hold true it is only 10 mm longer so unless you wear super tight pants it will still easily fit in pockets. I mean c'mon the huge android phones still easily fit in pockets so will this.

I could be crazy, but I keep looking at the picture of the front panel next to back casing...idk why but to me it doesn't look like it fits. The front panel picture looks like it's taller AND wider, while the back casing pics just look like it could hold a taller front panel. Again, I might be crazy or it could be an illusion by the picture, but that's what I see.

I think you are right, if you measure those two items they do not match. So that means the photo was altered or those two parts do not go together. If thy were both sitting next to each other when the photo was taken they would be the same dimensions and they clearly are not. That makes the photo suspect.

I think it's an illusion. To start with the front is positioned slightly lower to start with. Also the front is flat while the back has depth to it. So the top of the front should not be even with the top of the back, but rather the bottom side of the top of the back, which it appears to be pretty close.
Hopefully that makes sense. It does in my head.

Also the front fits inside the dimensions of the back, notice the rim sticking up on the back piece the front will fit in? So taking all of that into consideration, I think it looks real.

I don't like the 2 tone, and otherwise it looks to similar to current iPhone. There needs to be a major redesign!

It's hard to glean any information about the dimensions, but to me it just looks taller with the same width?? If that's the case, and the 2-tone is a reality, I'll likely be passing. Total step in the wrong direction in my mind. But what do I know.

I'm fine with all the changes EXCEPT the headphone jack. I have a dock on my desk and with the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone I wouldn't be able to charge while listening to music. Not to mention this would break most, if not all, car docks, etc.

Its a deifferent kind of jack. Your old 18pins dock is not gonna fit. You will need a new dock. (from what I can see in the picture)

Problem is, a new dock still won't let you use headphones while it is docked - which is a design failure in my opinion.

I don't see the two tone you guys are talking about. If you mean the back cover looking like it, I see that but thought the color change was a protective film over that section on both examples. Thinking that would be removable otherwise that would be ugly.

The start of the Tim cook era?
I hope the bezel on the top and bottom get smaller. Large bezel frame on the front does not look too good.

Someone better make an adapter for the mini dock connector... I certainly won't step up till someone does.

I pulled the plans into photoshop and did some measuring. Assuming the start button is the same size as the current iPhone then the casing is the same width as the current iPhone 4 and the height is .6 CM taller. The opening for the screen is enough taller to allow for a 4" screen by changing the Aspect Ratio. Bad news in my opinion, I think this is a bad move, but we will have to see how they spin it.

No, it's not. The android phones went big because they can't individually compete with the iPhone, and needed a check in the comparison column.

Yes, it is. 90% of smartphone owners want a larger screen than their current phones according to a study released in March.
Big screens aren't just about a checkbox. People are buying them in large numbers because that's what they want. I was hesitant about going to a 4.3" screen, but now that I have, I won't ever go back to something smaller. It's all about having the device I have with me at all times having the most capability it can while still fitting in a pocket. That's because it typically gets the most use on a daily basis of any personal device. Not everybody has this mindset, but most people do. And when you only have a single model, you'd better pay attention to what people want.

Does that mean I can no longer use my headphones while my phone is in a dock ? That would be a shame !!!

The headphone jack change is silly. It means current accessories (yes, with adapters) would not allow headphones, and it means relevant future accessories are going to have to design around having a headphone cable snaking through their dock

Its gunna be missing a whole bunch of critical things that crapple will explain you dont need....epic fail think out the box isheeple

The two tone doesn't bother me. I personally do not like this glass back at all. I've had the 4 and 4S and both have ALWAYS been in a case cause I'm freaked out about cracking that back glass. I think going to a "metalish" back is a step in consistency direction. Macs have the aluminum/metal casing, iPods have the metal/aluminum back and iPads of metal/aluminum. Apple likes things to be consistent across their ecosystem and their products. It was just a matter of time before the metal/aluminum back returned to the iPhone.
But here's a question. This could have been answered before and I just missed it, but...IF this is the design, and as i said I could be crazy in thinking the front panel doesn't match the back casing, and 2 people have agreed with me...if the camera is on top of the ear piece...where's the light sensor go? I have a white iPhone 4S and I, along with everyone else who has a white iPhone 4/4S can clearly see our light sensor. What happens to that if the camera is moved up?
Idk. I was excited the other day with all the "leaks" but now that it's the next day and I've gotten a better look at the pics, some things just aren't adding up.

It's just another iPhone 4/4s with a longer body and titanium backing. Not much to get excited bout. Talk bout complete redesign.

Why would Apple completely redesign something that they sell millions of? The 4S was a very minimalistic update but It broke sales records that the 4 set.

RIM had that mindset. Don't forget just two years ago they dominated the smartphone market. Fortunes can change quickly if you don't keep up.

I think it looks great.
And believe me when I tell you, a 4-inch screen is perfect. Typing will become easier, and a larger display always helps.
And if you think that a phone with a 4-inch display won't fit in your pockets, then you need to stop wearing kid sizes. You won't notice THAT much of a difference. I PROMISE!

I don't see how increasing in only one direction will help typing. Portrait no change unless they add a row. Landscape it won't as it will block more of the scree.

The speaker grills look a little bigger with the new doc. Will it have a better sound, or just the same size speakers with bigger looking covers?
If this is really all,4 inch screen vs buying adaptors to fit with a micro doc, and will the accessories you now have even work with the information that a micro doc receives, I do not think it will be worth upgrading. We have a different charger for the iPad, one for the iPhone, and iPod touch, now a third one for the new iPhone. That does not count the Air, or Mac book line. Going to have to carry a seperate cable bag pertty soon. Is true 4G really worth it? How fast is fast, and twelve to forty seconds? I can wait with my old 4G that is really 3G. Siri,I have all these Apple products. How many different cables do I need? "more than you can shake a stick at". Thanks Siri, "I aim to please Glenn"

Just looking at this the only question I have and I'm not sure it's been mentioned yet. But wasn't there supposed to be a nano sim card instead of the micro. Wasn't apple pushing to have that be the new industry standard. I remember even reading that they made a deal with blackberry regarding it.
Just my .02 but that being said that's probably the easiest fix of all make the receptacle and sim tray smaller

why dont you tell us how you really feel... you should prolly not get so upset over things like this. if it was something to do with your car, mortgage, kids, or family i could understand. we are talking about a phone in which doesn't even exist, and in which you prolly dont even own a iphone so why are you getting so upset with some ting that doesnt even effect you in any way shape or form.

If the iPhone's gonna be so ugly with 2 tone, im gonna stick to my LG phone with BREW software.

I'm all for 16:9 if it means better notifications and quicker info, but I don't know how that will carry into the iPad display. Usually Apple is a little more consistent with design changes in the UI it seems. I can't guess how this will look from iPhone to iPad.

Looks like this site is biased on opinions because apparently my comment got deleted. I was saying that the design looks similar to the Sony Xperia S phone so am I allowed to express that opinion or is it against Apple's laws and policies for saying that Apple is gasp STEALING from other companies? If that is the fact then wow, you guys need to get a life and start realizing that there are more out there than just Apple... Apple is actually brainwashing you guys into lowering your IQ and making you Apple-zombies and get all pissy at people who give their honest opinions... Wow... nice going...