Surprise! Price Drop Spurs iPhone Demand, Analysts Stunned


From the Department of Duh comes word that Apple's recent $200 price drop on the popular 8GB iPhone has led to a sharp increase in sales. Now I know that news will knock my readers over like bowling pins, but do try and steady yourselves.

Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster conducted a 50 hour survey of Apple Stores (I assume the poor guy took a break sometime) compiling concurrent sales data - cause that's what bean counters do. He came away with less than surprising results; iPhone sales are up, w00t! He reckons that Apple sold 27,000 units per day within a five day period in order to arrive at its ballyhooed 1 million unit milestone. Not bad sales performance, what.

So, yes...iPhone is selling well. The sky is blue. Birds are singing. People are hanging out in Central Park, joining hands in harmonious celebration. Whatever.


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Reader comments

Surprise! Price Drop Spurs iPhone Demand, Analysts Stunned


I just want my 200$ back they obviously overcharged me. And I want it back in CA$H not friggin I tunes. Jobs must think we're all gonna run out and buy the dismal failure that is their bluetooth headset. He must figure we're all gonna run out and burn up the lousy 100$ and then spend more of our cash on top of that. I can't think of anyone in my house that wants a 100$ iPod, so other than iTunes, which I'll never spend a dime on, there's only one way to get your money back and that's spend more. Apple's really turning into a screwover company these days aren't they? It's pathetic how the greed just bleeds right through Job's pale attempt to make the company look empathetic. Actually, knock of the "em" and that more describes the pure greedy putz.

I'd say your chances of getting a cashback reward from Apple are about as good as Britney Spears making a carreer comeback. But I empathize.
Clearly the controversy surrounding the iPhone price drop won't blow away anytime soon.

It's a shame too... Jobs had the chance to put a revolutionary OS in a slick phone and take the kudos, then produce upgraded models in support of their product line. Instead, he went for the quick buck, then dropped our shorts so he could make more green during the Christmas rush. I think this scam has permanently tarnished Apple's image. I guess Apple's marketing gurus didn't consider the possibility that people today are more prone to suspect all gestures of "kindness" as a tool to further one's needs. The spin isn't over with this gag yet. I can say with sureity tho that I will not spend a PENNY over the refund and I'll do some serious research as to what has the LEAST profit margin for Apple. And Steve, you can be sure I ain't gonna pi$$ it away on your BS ringtones buddy.

With all the work that Apple has ahead of them, updating the iPhone and AppleTV, I don't expect anything from this company anymore. I can't express the depth of my disappointment.
We get ringtone$, and soon, the WiFi $tore, but no copy and paste, no iChat -- no update that doesn't directly increase Apple's bottom line.
The AppleTV development team (the one guy left in the broom closet) has a ton of bugs -- real bugs -- to fix, that have been documented and reported, but the next update I am certain will be the WiFi $tore.
Next iPhone update: The Apple Store.
See? That way they'll fill in the missing icons on the home screen: Wifi $tore, Apple Store, $teve's WireTransfer...

The 1 millionth iPhone sold post... Jobs' own words "and now we have the chance to 'go for it' ", put them together and what do you get? Dr. Stevil plainly showing he's more concerned about global domination than maintaining Apple's upscale product image. I guess once you have a certain sum of money, you couldn't care less about quality rather only quantity and whether you "control" more of the electronic world than your competitor.
I think MikieMikie was alluding to this in his post, correct me if I'm wrong MikieMikie, but maybe the reason Jobs left a few blank icon spots on the main screen is so he can fill them up later with "buy it now" icons, "buy a ringtone", "buy an iTune", "buy a video". None of this crap makes anyone's life better or even easier. It just get's the user to a Jobs store with one touch. How about a button that links your bank account directly to Steve Jobs, so when he comes up with some new cash reaping icon, store or link, he can just debit your account for the appropriate fee for coming up with that great new idea and then the customer doesn't have to be burdened with the heavy chore of making up their mind and actually having to add the feature themselves. That would be something really thoughtfull and meaningfull that Steve could do for us, I think.
Just let me know where to send my account information Steve, I'll be the first one in line to give up the burden of paying for your next idea on my own. I trust you buddy.

You understood my sarcasm, Bitcher, and I already have trademarked the "bank acount directly to $teve Job$" as the "Steve Wire Transfer Service," shortened to SWiTS(tm). If he decides to use Wifi, it could be SWiFiTS(tm). :) (I trademarked it so that The Steve will have to pay ME a royalty to use it.)
But in all seriousness, with all the demands, with all the missing functionality, we are seeing 2 updates that have no value to the user, but lots of value to Apple's bottom line. Again, I find it disappointing.
Apple is focused on providing media (a lot more than they have shown) for their iTunes server-device model, as well as devices that can be filled. They seem focused on little else.

AMEN! Well said guys. I'm extremely disappointed with Apple. They totally fu(ked over Apple newbies like myself. I thought, this probably isn't a good move to go from Windows Mobile to Apple iPhone especially since I don't use a Mac whatsoever. But I jumped out there...and for a second I thought wow, maybe I'd actually consider buying a Mac too.
After that price drop stunt, and BS updates to crap we could give two sh1ts about, I'm done with Apple. And as you said, as if $100 store credit is suppose to make me feel better. As if anything in the Apple store worth buying is under $100 bucks. I'm extremely disappointed that people are screaming and yelling for basic functionality that needs to be added, and this jerk comes out with iTunes ringtone creatation that you actually have to pay for. 4GB worth of worthless storage that I can't even use as a portable disk to pull up files like my resume when I'm on the road and need to shoot it over to someone. Fu(k and iPod I don't and never had the need to wear headphones and bop around like some teenage highschooler. I need real business functionality, or at least some basic functionality.
How can you try to compete with Windows Mobile and you didn't study your competition to see what works for people. I'm done with you Apple.
I can't even SELL my iphone and feel like I'm close to getting what I paid for it since you dropped the price so sharply!
I feel like I was a beta tester, I feel used like I was the guinea pig in your experiment to see if the phone would sell at that price, then when you made enough money you said, ok now that the college kids are buying the phones like give em' iphone itunes ringtones and drop the price. YOu bastard.