Survey Says! Help TiPb Help You... er... Help Us!

Confession 1: our advertiser-overlords have questions about who reads TiPb and what kind of stuff said readers (i.e. you) best like to read about. Confession 2: We, um, are kinda interested in what you want to read about ourselves, so we can make the site better suit your needs.

If you have a few minutes, and would be willing to help us out, we'd mightily appreciate it!

Take the quick, easy TiPb Reader Survey now!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Survey Says! Help TiPb Help You... er... Help Us!


What does planning to buy a HDTV have to do with using your iPhone website? Your survey seems a little sketchy. True colors, I guess.

I always prefer the sorts of things that are not advertising.
I chose my blogs based on their purported content, the quality and timeliness of that content, and it's unobtrusiveness (i.e. how much it makes me do things other than becoming informed in my area of interest). Too many posts that are counter to that set of criteria, and, 'bye-bye, not in my feeds anymore.'
This request would count against that total.

@Alex My guess would be that part of the survey is for possible advertiserers that sell those products...

@Alex: Sorry, thought that might have been obvious: someone may want to put HDTV ads on the site, or may want to advertise to people in the market for an HDTV, or might think that people who intend to buy HDTVs are geeky and gadgety in general.
@Mr. Hill: Unfortunately, unless you want to give us a billion dollars to fully fund the site forever, advertising pays the bills that let us give you all the content we love to write about and -- hopefully -- you love to read.
WOW! Really didn't expect this kind of reaction either. I typically make it a point to fill out these surveys for every site I enjoy (did one for a short time ago, and just did one for if memory serves!) It only takes a couple minutes, it's anonymous and asks for no personal information, and it lets me give something back to the sites that give me a lot of daily enjoyment.
I'm kind of depressed and bummed now :(

@Rene: Sorry to be a downer, really. I see that you've got to meet ends.
Managing the level of ads, how in your face they are, how many sponsored posts there are, etc. must be difficult and I see that. Too few = no money = no content, where as, too many = some upset readers. I respect that, and really meant to be helpful.
I'm not going elsewhere, and only meant to voice concern over the ad-level. I should have been more clear. I really do apologize.

No worries, and please don't ever apologize for giving us your feedback. It really is a balancing act -- and a stressful one. Hopefully we'll get it right-er with everyone's help and over time!

I don't mind completing a survey every now and then.
@Rene You guys do a great job of balancing the ads. I've never felt overwhelmed by products on your site. Keep 'em coming! Love the site. 