SwiftKey keyboard will be coming to iOS 8

One of the major new features in iOS 8 just announced at WWDC 2014 is support for third-party keyboards and SwiftKey will be one of them. We've just received word from SwiftKey that in fact...they've already started:

"We're delighted Apple has decided to embrace the importance of opening its platform to third party keyboards. For more than four years, SwiftKey has pioneered faster, easier typing on touchscreens, leading the industry with next-word prediction and smarter autocorrection. Our technology features on more than 200 million devices to date and we can't wait to reach more. We first brought a taste of our technology to iOS in January this year with the launch of the free note-taking app SwiftKey Note. Are we going to build SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS 8? Of course we are. We've already started."

SwiftKey is one of the best and most popular third-party keyboards available for Android and it's impending arrival on iOS 8 is fantastic news. Of course, we'll have to wait until the Fall, but it's coming. Who's excited?

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Reader comments

SwiftKey keyboard will be coming to iOS 8


You mean swipe to text? Yeah, it was shown on a screenshot during the keynote.

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I love SwiftKey, I'm beyond excited I was about to upgrade my 5s to the Galaxy s5 because I missed some features including SwiftKey, now I'm reconsidering that change.

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We'll I'm very happy to have switched from android to ios specially with things like this being allowed , sine my hands are not exactly small enough to hit every key on my phones keyboard accurately.

Give me a Lastpass keyboard with touchid security and I'm all set.

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Does this mean that we might get SwipeSelection, too?
That is the ability to move the cursor by just swiping left or right over the keyboard, so you don't have to move your fingers to the text field and use the magnifying glass.
That was my number one reason to Jailbreak.

I have been using SwiftKey for about 3 years now, as it has evolved; so I am very glad to hear it will be an option for iPhone users in the future.

They actually demoed Swype during the keynote. I actually like SwiftKey more than Swype. They refined the keyboard & it's functionality first before introducing finger swipe typing.

About fucking time. I told myself that for apple to keep me after the iPhone 5s they needed to do 2 things - bigger screen and proper keyboard/swiftkey. I'm so very thrilled to get swiftkey. Now I need a big screen and I will pay for the damn out of cycle upgrade.

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Yet I doubt many iOS users will ever take a long at 3rd party keyboards. Most will probably not even know they exist. This really is for those that were thinking about coming over to Android. Or for Android users thinking about going to iOS. Or people who switched from iOS to Android and will be going back to iOS because of this. The mainstream consumer that buys iOS devices I can't see them using a third party keyboard.

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This is amazing! Wonderful! Incredible!

Except...well...I've been using Swiftkey for the past three years on my Android phone...so I guess it's not that amazing after all.

never used it before but might have to give it a try and see. from the video it looks like its kinda difficult to figure out but i'm sure it's not

I hope it allows me to add my own words and terms to the new keyboards (just like how it is on my WP 8.1 phone) since I'm not a native English speaker.

SwiftKey on Android lets you add your own words to the dictionary. No reason to imagine it won't be the same on iOS when it gets here :)

You can already try Swiftkey on your iPhone although currently it's a note app (that works seamlessly with Evernote).

The same thing with Fleksy keyboard. Fleksy also releases an API so that other 3rd party can use its keyboard instead of the default iOS keyboard. For example you can use it within Launch Center Pro or markdown app Write.

Both are available on the App Store since late last year.

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Wow this is HUGE! I've always hated the iOS keyboard and switkey is my top keyboard choice. I can't wait to use this on my iPad.

Android keyboards is one of the on screen input methods that is available in the Android development and today, they are making a big buzz because of their customization feature.

I always disliked SwiftKey, not because of its features, but because of its performance and buginess. I have used some powerful android devices in the past two years, but SwiftKey was always lagging, crashing, or not even appearing.

After my switch to iPhone and iPad I never looked back. The iOS7 iPad keyboard is the best I have ever worked with on any touchscreen device. The iPhone one could use some improvement, but I hope we won't need SwiftKey for that.