SwiftKey Note gets landscape mode for all and notebook creation in latest update

SwiftKey Note

SwiftKey Note hasn't been with us all that long on iOS but we're already getting the first round of new features. Based on user feedback, from today's update SwiftKey Note will have the following new goodies to make your experience just a little bit better:

  • Landscape mode now supported on all devices
  • Create, edit and delete Notebooks and Tags
  • Tap the viewing panel of a Note to edit on iPad
  • Search your Notes using text in both the title and body text

Landscape mode in particular will be welcomed by many Note users. SwiftKey is also promising that this is just the beginning and that lots more is planned for Note. Additionally if you're a frequent user, swing by the SwiftKey VIP forums where a special community has been set up to suggest features and provide feedback to the team.

The latest version doesn't seem to be live just yet, but when it is it will be at the link below.

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SwiftKey Note gets landscape mode for all and notebook creation in latest update


I still don't get the advantage of this app. But I'm sure someone out there will enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

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I loved swiftkey on android. I would be all over this if it was a keyboard replacement and not just a keyboard that you can only use on a couple of apps.