Would you switch from AT&T to a Verizon iPhone?

Would you switch from AT&T to a Verizon iPhone 4 if such a mythical beastie ever proves real? You'd gain a different network footprint, which could provide better voice and data coverage in your area, but you'd also lose simultaneous voice and data as EVDO Rev A currently can't walk and chew that gum at the same time.

You'd also trade AT&T customer service for Verizon customer service, which could be good or bad depending on your experience. Likewise, while AT&T has received tons of flack for their network, they've also had 3+ years of experience handling massive amounts of iPhone traffic, something Verizon may also struggle with.

We've already asked if Verizon Droid owners would switch to a Verizon iPhone, so fair's fair, if you're an AT&T iPhone owner, would you switch to Verizon iPhone? Simple answer in the poll up top, and tell us why or why not in the comments.

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Would you switch from AT&T to a Verizon iPhone?


No. Verizon is much slower, has hardly any coverage in my area, and more expensive. Not capable of data and voice at same time.

Yes! I had Verizon for 5 years and hardly ever had a dropped call. I've had AT&T for 1 year and I get at least 1 dropped call every day. Plus, Verizon customer service is a lot better based on my experience.

I'm all for having more options, but I would rather see iPhone come to T-Mobile because it would give us folks here in the US a chance to get an unlocked GSM device direct from apple. I think that having a CDMA device will still allow AT&T to keep us GSM folks locked down.

I wish ATT would have Droid2 or X. That would be an ideal solution for me. I'm sick of iOS and poor voice quality on iPhone.

In the US, for me in MD it would cost me around 19 dollars more a month to get the exact same thing I have on ATT. NO way especially since LTE is coming out. I will wait and see what they do to persuade users to switch.

I would switch if Apple finally gets around to fixing the death grip via hardware change and if VZDub doesnt get the iPhone in January

CDMA makes it a US only phone correct? I would keep my ATT. I have been with Verizon for the droid era and won't do it again, it's a heck of an inconvenience without being able to swap sims. Plus it's a fact, gsm phone are worth way more. I had to sell my droid for 120 bux cause I had no bites.

I say AT&T for life because AT&T has the more superior GSM network Technology.. I like that I can unlock my phone and use it in different countries.. Also Talk and use data at the same time thats something I do a lot of.. I also like my unlimited data plan that I have been granfathered into.. Right now AT&T is the Evil I know while Verizon is the Evil I choose not to know.. You never know how they might screw you over when or if they start experiencing issues on their network with the iPhone..

I can't wait to get rid of the Verizon whiners. Unfortunately, a lot of them will be back when they see the grass isn't really greener on the other side.

I've left AT&T once to go to Verizon. Won't do it again, but I did like the discount for working at my hospital :)

I would go to Verizon. I live in an area where the only 3G carrier is Verizon. Talk and surf at the same time for me is a non-starter. Also, considering that 95% of my town is on Verizon (hmm I wonder why?) M2M minutes play a big part of it as well.

I guess it depends where you live.
I used to live in the NYC area and AT&T is an absolute joke there. Midtown Manhattan, and you get "no service" sometimes. Dropped cals like crazy. Try going to a ball game where there is a lot of people, and you will need to use a payphone.
Verizon is a million times better.
But now I am in FL, and ATT is much better here and Verizon is much worse.
As for pricing, give or take a few $, they will always be the same.
T-Mobile is a joke everywhere.

As I'm typing this on my iPhone 4 while on a call, I'll have to say "NO" although I heard some mention that the CDMA iPhone may actually be the first to be able to do both on verizon, AT&T's data is much faster where I live

I'm with AT&T for the following reasons:

  1. Rollover minutes
  2. 25% off bill through company discount
  3. 50% off accessories through company discount

Unless I could get all of these or something very similar with Verizon, I don't think I'll be switching.
It'll be really interesting to see what happens once AT&T and Verizon are both using LTE.

BIG maybe. I'd like to since most of my family is on Verizon and that way I'd be using a lot more mobile-to-mobile minutes. On the other hand, if LTE wasn't out yet I would probably want to wait. Plus one thing that I would be sad to let go of is my current ability to use data while on a call to search for something a friend asks me about, etc.

I did a speed test on my iPhone 4 here in NYC yesterday. I was getting 4 to 4.5Mbps down on 3G.
Am I going to get those speeds on Verizon? I doubt it.
Is the phone going to support a GSM chip so I can roam in Europe? I doubt it.
Will I switch to a Verizon iPhone? I doubt it.

Yeppers. Just changed to Verizon. Waiting for my 3 BB Bold 9650s to come FEDEX. Just could not keep having marginal service in the office and the house. Got a new guy in the office so got him and the other guy new phones. Giving up my iPhone 3g. Guess I will keep it for the games I have on it and for the TV Guide over the wifi @ home.

@George, coverage does vary. Where I'm at, the coverage is about the same, but AT&Ts 850MHz signal penetrates buildings much better. However, the customer service, pricing, and policies differences between AT&T and Verizon effect everyone. Did anyone see The Onion's satire on Verizon's new "Charge on a Whim" pricing plan? Unfortunately, it too true.

The only reason I don't have an iPhone is because it's not on Verizon. My mom and I both have Verizon, and we have great coverage. However, my dad has a Blackberry on At & T because of his work, on he has edge at our house and like one bar of voice, to make a phone call, he has to stand in the middle of our yard, but we have a Verizon tower 5 miles from our house. If the iPhone doesn't get to Verizon, I'm getting a Pre, solely for the Wifi Hotspot for my iPad.

I'd rather have to fight a veteran MMA fighter everytime I wanted to make a call than ever be a verizon customer again.

What do CDMA users do when they travel outside the US? Do the phones just not work in places like Europe? It's all GSM here.

lol nope. Been there done that way to many problems with verizon both with customer service and network service. I live in a suburb of buffalo NY and AT&T is king all over here. I had verizon bad to no coverage at all and dropped calls galore. No thanks.

Where in NYC were you getting those outrageous speeds and what time of day? I live and work in NYC and have never seen speeds like that on any iPhone I have ever used.

@JNGold I was in NYC a few weeks ago and got the best download speeds I've ever gotten there. Like 2-3 Mbps in midtown. The upload sucked, but that was during the upload issue ATT was having so hard to tell.

No way, not at this point. I switched from Verizon to AT&T because of terrible Verizon performance and coverage in my area. Sticking with AT&T for now.

I had verizon at the begining of the year an hate it. Service at home sux, service at my office sux too an when i had good service my data was still slow. Naw i think ill stay with att

I don't know when you lived here but I can say that ATT despite it's well known NYC problems has improved greatly in even the last several months. I have had no problems making and receiving calls both Midtown and downtown Manhattan. The one real trouble spot for sure is the FDR drive (on the east side). As far as ballparks are concerned, I have not had an issue with making/receiving calls and getting decent data at CitiField in Queens.

I would have switched due to marginal coverage at my house. However, 2 weeks ago AT&T sent me a letter saying I was a good customer and qualified for a free 3G Microcell. Picked it up at the local AT&T store with no hassles, installed it, and now I have 5 bars throughout my home. Verizon will have to match that to get me to switch. Very smart move by AT&T since my contract is coming up in the next 6 months and this makes me a happy customer.

I'm fine with some of the traffic now on AT&T going to Verizon. As for myself, I'll ride out the next 2 years and see. Neither AT&T nor Verizon impress me. They charge top dollar and are fairly arrogant. I'm hoping that more competition arises in the market and that companies like Cricket & Clear grow and ultimately challenge the big 4.

AT&T is just fine. It might make a difference when actual 4G rolls out and if one or the other is in the lead, but I'd opt for who has vision before who is first to market. Thats where Sprint falls apart.

Nope. I have great coverage. Voice and data at the same time. Rollover minutes. Unlimited data plan! No need to switch I'm content and never had a problem with AT&T.

AT&T 3G in Memphis Tn for me averages 3.25 Mbps download and 1.25 Mbps upload on my iPhone 4 and I've never dropped a call

Nope. I had Verizon about 5 years ago before switching to AT&T and I hated the service. Too expensive, their customer service was horrible, and the coverage wasn't anything amazing like they tout it to be - I very often would get dropped calls. Ever since switching to AT&T it has been much cheaper, better coverage, & the customer service is INCREDIBLE! The whole overall experience has been great. I've never had a problem with them except for a few small issues with my account and when those small issues did happen, they were more than gracious to help and fix it right away. I will get an occasional dropped call every once in a great while but it is not enough for me to go into a rage and scream hatred about AT&T's service.
I hope the iPhone does eventually go to another carrier - I just hope it is not to Verizon. Just like their poor customer service, their customer base is extremely arrogant and feels that they are far superior to any other service. Not just my own personal experience but many other people I have talked to have had similar results with Verizon. And when I hear people say, "AT&T sucks and so does the iPhone since its on their network. Verizon is so much better and the iPhone would only be good if it was on their network" it makes me wish they NEVER get the iPhone. I hope T-mobile or Sprint gets it before Verizon ever does.

I would have said yes, but i didnt realize id loose cell and web simultaneous use. I am also granfathered into unlimited data, which is a huge win as I consistently excess their new tiered data plans.

@RushRules I also live in suburb of Buffalo, Ny and Verizon has twice as many towers around here then AT&T. I never lose service or anything on my Droid X while my friend can't even make calls in his own house with AT&T. If you would to some research verizon has twice the towers and people that AT&T have around here. I agree customer service is bad but my Aunt and uncle switched to verizon from AT&T because AT&T customer and network service was horrable. Just cause you don't have a good job to pay a little extra for better service you try to play it off as AT&T is better.
P.S. What's the carriers still with unlimited
Data: Everyone but AT&T.

Verizon customer service is awful. Go into any store for any reason and you'll leave pissed off.
My last experience with them was so bad I thought I was being Punk'd. I was waiting for Ash-hole to come out from behind the door and say "gotcha"!
And this is why I'm with AT&T now. Paid the ETF and got me an iPhone!

I've had the privilege of owning at least one handset on each of the four major carriers and AT&T has been the best thus far. Aside from the recent data plan tiered pricing and tethering options. Lowest monthly bill too. Verizon was ALWAYS a pain to deal with so unless they are getting the iPhone 5 I'm going to say No!

@ David Levine
I agree! I will stay with ATT unless Verizon can atleast match the great pricing im getting now.
$260 for 5 iphones + 1400 minutes + A-list + unlimited text + Rollover (Thats $52 bucks per iphone)
I get a 25% discount from my company on the voice plan and ALL iphone data plans (> than $25)

AT&T is becoming more and more like VZW anyways... high plan prices... locked down Android handsets (ie. Aria can't load non-market apps apparently), data caps, high tethering plan price, high ETF... frankly, AT&T=VZW in many ways now... ie. they both suck

I hope a crap load of users do switch to verizon, I won't be one of them but it would be nice to have all those people off ATT's Network and hopefully make it more reliable.

I am a long time verizon customer who is dying for the iphone. Would purchase immediately at full price if it came to verizon.

People rag on AT&T about it's service but whatever they did to fix the network sure worked. I live In NYC and it has been the fastest service I've ever had.

until verizon or apple comes out and says "yes the iphone will be on verizon" can we please stop all this BS. i love this site but its always a bunch of rumors about verizon anymore, and its getting quite annoying...

Did a speedest.net test on my iPhone 4 and just got 4.89 Mbps over 3G that's pretty fast if you ask me.

I'd stay AT&T for the biggest reason for me. Talking and using apps at the same time. If you don't have this feature you never believe how useful it is. Great for looking up info while talking or keeping yourself entertained on long boring calls. But also I've had great luck with my iPhone and reception so I have very few complaints.

As superior as Verizon is in my area (AT&T is terrible in my part of San Diego), no, I would not switch. If I depended on the performance of the phone part of the iPhone more, I would, but I do not, and I do love simultaneous voice and data. Many of the medical people I work with, however, covet an iPhone but have not bought one (or bought and returned it) because of unacceptable voice performance. Every one of them will snap up a verizon iPhone the day it is available.

Mj, when did ATT fix service in NYC? I was there about 6 months ago with my 3G and couldn't hold a call for more then 3 minutes if I was even lucky enough to initiate the call. Data didn't work at all. At about 7PM on Friday data did start to at least work but was still very slow hell.

I don't see why Apple and VZW couldn't work out the voice/data problem. They could just run 100% data and run VoIP over data and then use QoS to be sure other apps don't impact the voice call.

AT&T for life. One reason: SIM cards. A CDMA phone is worthless to those of us who travel. Talk to me in 2012-2013 when we see an LTE iPhone.

Verizon gets crap for reception where I live. ATT sucks price wise, but gets amazing reception everywhere that I have been. (RI)

Heck no. Absolutely not. Verizon is working with Google on that ridiculous Net Neutrality thing
With the attitude of the CEO, I would rather DIE than go with Verizon. And when AT&T signs on to some sort of Net Neutrality killer I'll drop them too. The CEOs must be held responsible for their actions and when they do an end around to screw the users they need to be hit in the wallets.

If they have a low bandwidth cap, then no. I have to have unlimited and I believe verizon will change their plans just for the iPhone. When my 2 years are up and as long as their plans are not more expensive.
Maybe, AT&T 3G speeds are faster even if coverage is less

AT&T's coverage in Santa Fe is terrible. We're supposed to (finally) get 3G coverage in 2011, the coverage area won't be any larger.
While I've had better experiences with it in other cities and states, here on the home front it's barely functional. Verizon coverage, however, is solid and reliable. Unless the rate plans are just obscenely ridiculous, I'd switch.

Probably not. ATT service isn't the greatest, but the network is fast and stable where it is. Verizons network is too slow for an iPhone that is hammered all day long. LTE will probably change that, but I think I'll stick with ATT. A large portion of the wireless network is "in" for free calls, but Verizon doesn't offer rollover. And the unlimited data isn't really unlimited. Read the fine print. It's 5gb per month.

I would never get a smart phone on a CDMA network. CDMA can't handle simultaneous data and voice unless it's on Sprint's very new 4G network. Unless the iPhone will be with Verizon's version of 4G; Who would want an iPhone that's even more handicapped than it is now?

No. I travel too much for work, and need to take my US # with me when I'm overseas. That's impossible on Verizon. Even with a SIM card slot, I have to get a temporary non-US # for people to call when I'm out of the country. So until they are 100% LTE, it's not an option.

Never I would never leave AT&T. I switch phones too much and I don,t want to call in every time and switch esn numbers. I know 4g gives you voice and data but already get that with gsm. Everyone talks about how cheap sprint is but you see they charge and extra 10 dollars a month for 4g and it's not even faster than AT&T. So in reality your paying to get voice and data at he same time. Verizon will charge extra when the y go to LTE so I will just stay in my plan and keep paying full price for my phones and keeping my same plan from 1999.

well we all did 2 year contract with att right? maybe we could think about it 2 year later. not much problem with att yet.

You all r such losers. Seriously lol. It doesn't matter if it's verizon or AT&T just stick to whatever u prefer. Stop whining. It's All corporate business. If u dnt want to spend money on plans then don't! Idiots

I want a GSM network, so that I can easily swap SIM when leaving the US for vacation. That means, I will have to stay with AT&T.

I've my 3GS for a year and was with AT&T when it was Cingular. Have NEVER had a problem with their service, NEVER had a dropped call (not from my end, anyway). I don't find the rates to be that much worse than anyone else for the quality of service, and I doubt that Verizon will be any cheaper when push comes to shove. So unless I have a major problem, no reason to change -- iPhone or not.

I have generally been happy with AT&T over the years since changing from my previous (excellent) local carrier. I don't know for sure that I'd change to Verizon as I've heard they are the Devil, but I guess if their prices were cheaper than AT&T's, I'd think about it. I think data plans are raping us all though. My local carrier (Cincinnati Bell) used to have an unlimited data plan for $19.99 and I would tether my laptop to it all the time when I was on the road. I got Edge speeds back then, which was actually pretty good, and on a monthly basis would sometimes get close to a Gig, but it was cheap and it worked great.
I think that as other US carriers get the iPhone, competition will increase and prices will come down. At least I hope so.

AT&T is STILL installing copper lines, and all they are doing is upgrading certain towers with better 3G equipment. On the other hand Verizon has BEEN installing fiber networks all over the country and investing in a high bandwidth network, they are way ahead of AT&T and Verizon will be able to offer a much better experience come 2011. AT&T is busy wasting money and it will kill them.

CDMA seems like quite a step backwards, a bit like re-introducing a floppy drive to a new iMac!

Living in upstate New Jersey, I've never had a problem with my cellular coverage. No matter where I go, I always have enough service to make calls, send texts, etc. Also, whenever I call AT&T for customer support, they always provide me with exactly what I need no matter what I ask for.
Also, I truly enjoy being part of an "exclusive" iPhone group where only one service can have the phone. I've always loved that. And if it goes to Verizon, so many more people will get it and the importance of having an iPhone will really just be unsatisfying.

Absolutely I would. Simulatneous voice & data is of no use if I can't access either because of at&t's crap network.
Besides, the iPhone 1 didn't do voice & data simultaneously but I still bought one.

I have been an Alltle customer forever. Never had any problems. Verizon bought them out. My bill went up. Sir you need this data plan. I only downloaded one ring tone, and a weather program that was already on my older Alltel phone. Then came time to get a new phone. It was a 50buck phone. They wanted me to pay for it in full. I said Alltel just added the phone to my next bill. Oh we have problems with people stealing the new phones, and have to refund the cost to the customer. What???? I can see paying up front for the iPhone, but paying for a step above the free phone, and not putting it on my next bill is rotten customer service. It left me with such a bad feeling, I would chose AT&T even it I had no service at all I really miss Alltel, and hate Verizon.

Nope I would never go verizon. I've been with gsm phones since high school, back when tmobile was voicestream. 7 years of service with them, only reason I came to AT&T is to have 3G on my iPhone and not edge. I must say here in Florida AT&T is amazing from daytona/Orlando all the way down the coast to west palm. I do feel bad for those who live in problem areas.

Hecks yeah I'll switch, these latest rumors are what's stopping me from getting the 4. I don't mind AT&T but at work I barely get signal, so it's a deal breaker.

Sprints 4g isnt even faster than most 3g phones, they're using clears network, and as you all know, well if anyone has or knows someone who has it, its shoddy at best, u will get faster downloads with wifi, 4g is supposed to be 10 tims faster than 3g, also it will be faster than most internet connections at your home, maybe we'll start carring 14 inch screens around to make up for 3.2-4.0 that we have on our phones.

If Verizon offers a SIM for International use, I'd consider it. They do that on some of their HTC phones.

Yes. I couldn't get a good signal in my home with Verizon, but at least when I went out, I had great coverage and speed. I have the iPhone 4 with AT&T and in my area, I can't get 3g coverage, and slow speed. It's very annoying when I know I should be getting fast loads an be able to open an app, which half the time I can't do!!! I never had these problems with Verizon. I'm glad I didn't end my contract with them, so I can switch back and fourth when AT&T pisses me off.

I can't hate anymore on AT&T. I get great service and when I don't and decided to complain I get great customer service n they have been know to give generous credits also. In some cases I've seen reps go above and beyond to do whatever they can to make their customers happy. On top of it all my bills cheaper now then it's ever been, I love my iPhone 4 on AT&T!

Nope. Verizon is more expensive than at&t. I will stay with at&t until my 2 years are up in October 2011, and will by an unlocked iPhone from Europe and go back to T-mobile. If, however, T-mobile were to get the iPhone anytime before 2011 I would leave at&t immediately.

AT&T since 2003 not switching. Still using my 32gb 3GS since last summer. Looking to go android when a bigger screen high spec phone hits AT&T this fall. The streak or captivate isn't it, waiting for something better htc desire hd maybe please...

The Verizon Unlimited data plan is ABSOLUTELY unlimited The 5gb limit applies to wireless cards and modems, not phone data. Get the facts straight.

AT&T since before Cingular (Pac Bell Wireless)...Not gonna let go of my tons of bonuses and retention plans/features. :D

With AT&T since 2000. Would not switch for anything. Other than the AT&T guy being rude about not taking my defective iPhone 3GS back I have never had trouble with AT&T. Great customer service, good coverage, and the expertise of dealing with the iPhone for the past 4 years. Verizon will buckle

Yes, I'll switch to Verizon for an iPhone 4 the moment it is released. It is coming, Santa Clause called me from the North Pole on Verizon's superior network from his iPhone 4, the Easter Bunny texted me from his Verizon iPhone 4, and the Great Pumpkin emailed me from his new MobileMe account since getting his Verizon iPhone 4. The Great Pumpkin was one of the first Verizon customers and as you all know would never switch.
If you have not figured it out, this is another the iPhone is coming to Verizon soon rumors that will most likely not pan out. But if it does, I doubt I'll switch. AT&T has A-List, microcell with unlimited calling while on the Microcell or any call started on it, a huge foot print network, and roll over. Their network and they are use to handling huge amounts of data. AT&T handles more data that Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile combined. Are there problems, sure but if Verizon gets the iPhone 4 just wait to see how "the Network" handles it. Please switch if you are unhappy with AT&T, it will free up the network more and AT&T will make huge profits from all the early termination fees and they can use some of that to upgrade their network even more.

Verizon is currently working on their new LTE advanced network...to be fully deployed by 2012. This will blow all other carriers out of the water!

Left AT&T and the iPhone last November for Verizon and the Droid. Planning to stay with both Verizon and an Android based phone for quite a while.

No simultaneous data and voice on Verizon? Slower 3G speeds? Not for me. I know where I drop calls and deal with it accordingly. AT&T app Mark the Spot on the homepage to ping them every time I do drop a call. They've actually fixed a few spots and let me know.

Why are people saying that Verizon's tech is old? GSM is older than CDMA by 12 years at the least. Even if AT&T has a newer version of GSM tech that's newer than Verizon's CDMA2000, Verizon's tech seems to be a lot more reliable than AT&T's from what I hear from everyone.
And Sprint uses the same CDMA2000 tech so I don't see why anyone says that they would rather see the iPhone go to Sprint instead of Verizon. Yeah Sprint has WiMAX, but where is it? They've had it for almost 2 years and it's in what? 30 cities across the country? And how long did it take them to get a 4G phone? And soon they're gonna have the Samsung Epic 4G as their second. Verizon has at least four 4G phones ready for the end of this year for when they launch LTE. I believe one of them is the Blackberry Storm 3 (Eew!)
Verizon invests their money in their network, they are proud of their network, it's their baby. It's what they advertise almost all the time, they didn't start advertising specific phones until the Droid came a long. I believe them when they said they'll have nationwide 4G coverage by April 2012 which is their goal. Unlike AT&T who will start building their 4G LTE network in 2012.
But whatever you have better luck with, go for it.

YES! ive had verizone since it was GTE Wireless way back with a pager. i am simply holding on a phone without a plan so when iphone comes i will leave att in a QUCK FAST HURRY.

Heck no and I'm not a true fan of AT&T but have coworkers with verizon and their Internet speed is a joke. I love the fact I can be on a call and surf the web at the same time.

The only way I would swtich is if I had the same ability to talk on my phone and use applications connected to the web.

I'm on a Verizon plan now and if I could get out of the contract without the termination fee I'd switch in a heartbeat. It isn't the service or coverage. It's the absurdly costly plans. I'm presently paying Verizon $185 a month for voice, one additional line, and data packages for two phones @ $30 EACH. I've downgraded the voice plan repeatedly and Verizon tells me there just isn't a cheaper one. Can't WAIT to get outta here.

I'll stick with ATT. You know why? When 50% of current iPhone users jump to Verizon they're wont be the massive overload on ATT's network anymore! And since ATT has been upgrading to keep up with current levels, they should be fine... while Verizon will have a whole new problem on their hands. :)

I like AT&T. I have had very few "issues" with them. I could count on my hands how many dropped calls that I've experienced, and like Ryan said above, I use "Mark the Spot" and I know the one 3G hole in my town.
My husband has Verizon on a blackberry, the "3G" speed seems slower than Edge and he can't even begin to try and send a large email attachment, it just won't work.
AT&T has provided me with excellent customer service since day 1 and I have heard a few stories about Verizon's treatment of customers. I am loyal to AT&T.
The grass my seem greener on the other side but you can bet that their water bill is higher.

I have a iPhone with AT&T and a blackberry with Verizon. The iPhone is definitely better of the 2 phones. However, Verizon has WAY better coverage. In all the areas I go to that ATT phone has no service at all, Verizon still has at least 2 bars. I rarely go any where that my Verizon phone doesn't work. They are a little more expensive but it's worth it when you know you will always have coverage. They also have better customer service. The ONLY reason I ever went to AT&T was for iPhone.

Started as Cingular taken over by AT&T, complaints not really. iPhone user since 3GS debut, signal issue I blame Apple not AT&T. I have 1 iPhone, 1 blackberry plus 2 others on the AT&T no signal on the iPhone but good signal on the other phones. Besides Verizon flushes unused minutes away.

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