Will you be switching to OS X Mountain Lion for Mac? [Poll]

Apple shocked the tech geek community with this morning's surprise announcement of OS X Mountain Lion where they once again brought iPad and iPhone features "back to the Mac", including Messages, Reminders, Notification Center and more.

There's no word on Siri, Apple's voice controlled assistant, for Mac yet, but then again there's no word on Siri for iPad 3 yet either.

Apple is taking their time and doing what they do best -- seeding interest and creating buzz. They're excellent at it, just look at all the coverage they're getting this morning without even holding one of their famous keynotes!

And we want to know how its working.

If you're a Mac user, is this a no-brainer, instant-update for you when it's available, or would you rather Apple kept OS X and iOS separate and distinct?

If you're a Windows user, does anything you've seen today tempt you to make the switch to Mac, or does the idea of iOS-style stuff on your desktop make you even less likely to make the change?

If you're undecided, if you're waiting to see more, what precisely would Apple have to do to win you over to Mountain Lion?

You know the drill, vote in the poll above and give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Will you be switching to OS X Mountain Lion for Mac? [Poll]


This will make the wait for the ipad seem shorter since this won't be out til summer. Now I don't know which I'm more excited about.

The announced features are pretty weak at the moment. Reminders which I'll never use, Notes which I won't touch, and Gatekeeper which sounds great but I'll most likely have to turn off.
I have Messages/iMessage installed already and it's great, I miss Growl though.
They did say 100 new features, so I wanna hear about the other 96 first.

More likely that I will downgrade to Snow Leopard. I miss iSync, Front Row and stable WiFi on my late 2009 iMac. Lion is also a bit too sluggish even though my iMac has 16GB of RAM and 2TB of disk.

I'll assume you upgraded to Lion from SL. Try a fresh install of Lion. I did this and Lion runs better than ever.

"Apple is taking their time and doing what they do best — seeding interest and creating buzz."
So far it's only you. You posted 11 articles on the same thing in one day. Congratulations.

I'm not super familiar with that area , but it looks to me like the lsosect location listed on the chart is Farmington, with a date of May 1. If you tend to have similar weather to Farmington, I would use that date. You're right on the edge of the two groups. If it is a mild winter/spring and you are excited, I would follow the yellow schedule. If it is a cold winter-spring and you are more relaxed, I would use the green schedule.

I do want to upgrade, but i am kind of wondering about how i JUST paid for the last upgrade? How much is this one gonna cost? hope free? Lol

Even if it's the same price as Lion, $29.99, and there's another update next year of the same price it will STILL be cheaper than any major Microsoft update... Just saying...

I think that anyone with an Apple TV will want this immediately. Airplay Mirroring for Mac will be huge. I'm surprised that they haven't added that feature to Lion in an update to help sell Apple TV boxes. Maybe they are waiting until they come out with their rumored iTV...

You're missing one very irmaptont thing sales tax. The US prices advertised do not include sales tax as in the US that varies from state to state and is added when you get to the checkout. In NZ our advertised prices include 15% GST. When the iPad first came out here we posted about this and found that, with sales tax / GST taken into consideration, our RRP matches the US one to the dollar. You mention the UK as being cheaper but the UK suffers the worst price hikes of any territory. For example the Apple TV is US$99 but in the UK it's GBP99!See this post and it's comments to see that the iPad 1 was a lot more expensive in the UK than it was in NZ: (Steve Lawrence has made 645 comments)

Being a PC guy since early 90's makes it a hard habit to break. But more and more, i feel like i need to choose an ecosystem to go all in on.
I do like the iOS integration and expect to see more of it in OS XI. It feels more natural than windows 8 tiles side of it..which integrates stuff i don't really (never) use such as wp7, xbox, etc. I'm mainly an Office, business apps on windows, user.
I might bite and get a Mac later this year and still keep a PC around. The iOS 6 and windows 8 consumer preview might make my decisions easier later.

....and yet, no sign that your Mac with auto-sync with iCloud and via that, your iDevices. You'll still be left to upload / download manually?
From a business view, this isn't encouraging and suggests that products like Documents to Go (with its independent wi-fi sync to/from your desktop) or Dropbox combined with the CloudOn Office app may be a better way to go.

windows user. i'm pretty meh about this. i kinda like all the control i get in windows plus it's much more affordable. What they added are ok but i'm unlikely to use much of it and thus it doesn't really sway me.

I will for sure update my vmware osx to this newest version. But still will stick with windows - it is my os of choice (I like games and love the way windows 7 / 8 works, plus I like the fact that I got 13 incher much more powerful than the fastest 13 inch macbook pro while saving $1000.)
If i can though, i would install this update as a standalone OS and have triple boot between mac and windows and ubuntu :)

Windows was always disappointing and I only have OS X to sync my iPad2. It's sheer genius to have (as much as possible) the iOS interface. I can't wait. This is the best news in a long while.

I'll pass. Nothing stands out to me. All the current features they've announced I seldom use on my phone and can't see myself using them on my computer.

don't think i will upgrade as i am happy with lion and i paid for that so apple can not expect people to keep paying for upgrades every 12 months

looking forward to the new Macbook Pro with mountain lion.. My Black Macbook is no longer supported.. great reason to upgrade my mac even though it still works flawlessly..

I'd love to keep upgrading my Macbook but according to The Verge, it will no longer be supported. Gutted really! I guess that forces my hand in the upgrading hardware area!