How To: Sync Golden Age Birthdays to Your iPhone

Chris Breen of Macworld fame posted a handy tip on how to get birthdays for the 75+ among your family and friends to show up on the iPhone. (Seems the iPhone OS isn't happy with events that repeat more than that many times, hence no birthday love for the seniors).

The solution is to create a separate repeating event in a different iCal calendar for your well-seasoned friends and family members that begins this year. Unless they live to be more than 150 years old, you should be set.

Check out his full post for details on managing birthdays on OS X in general, and syncing them over to iPhone.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

How To: Sync Golden Age Birthdays to Your iPhone


I thought at the release of the first gen iPhone, it would have been great to have a phone preference-level birthday/anniversary reminder that was tied to the address book's birthday field.
Having the preference set for"on" would have the phone bring a popup screen acknowledging _______'s birthday, the age, if available, and have [Call] and [Email] buttons as well as a [card] user-link changeable button, going to whatever site smoozes Apple to be the default, and a [flowers] button set up the same way.
A [later] drop down button could allow you to re-remind yourself later that day, the next day, etc. if you'd like to handle it at a different time.
Of course now, there would be a dropdown menu in the preferences to choose a different supported address book (Google, Outlook, etc.).
You could also set how early you'd like a reminder to show up (2 weeks, one week, one day), and when you'd like the reminder to pop up that day.

as far as im aware this was possible on winmo 5 and 6 using the birthday or anniversay pim fields, and wouldnt be that hard for apple to allow their own contacts app to drop a recurring appointment into their own calendar.
come on apple. sort it out :)

I'd rather him tell the truth always..... If he does not I'm not surprised only disappointed. However, I'll but it because it's a mac. It doesn't matter to me who's dual came out first..... simply doesn't come in to play.