T-Mobile announces Q3 2013 results, 540,000 iPhones sold, could have sold more!

Today is Q3 2013 earnings day for T-Mobile, and generally speaking things are looking good. Subscriber numbers are up again thanks in no small part to the Uncarrier program, and iPhone is doing pretty well in magenta. Headline numbers are 3.6 million smartphones sold with iPhone making up 15% of that. A bit of rough math puts that at around 540,000 iPhones sold on T-Mobile for the quarter, wherein we saw a new product launch towards the latter stages.

What's perhaps more interesting is a comment that came up while talking about iPhone sales on the earnings conference call. No surprise to anyone, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch was extremely popular, and T-Mobile is convinced that it would have been able to sell many more had supplies of the new devices – by that we assume the iPhone 5s – had been better.

Interesting stuff, and positive for T-Mobile that the high profile devices and competitive plans are continuing to attract new customers. While overall it posted a loss of $36million on $6.9billion in revenue, slowly but surely things continue to improve.

Did you pick up a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c on T-Mobile? How have you been finding the experience?

Update: According to AllThingsD the numbers referenced referred to total sales, while specific T-Mobile brand smartphone sales were lower at 3.6million. As such, iPhone sales were around 540,000 on T-Mobile for the quarter.

Source: T-Mobile

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Reader comments

T-Mobile announces Q3 2013 results, 540,000 iPhones sold, could have sold more!


I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile recently and service has been great!

T-Mobile's weakness though is that its frequencies aren't as good with building penetration and their networks are stronger in populated areas and not so much in between them. This hasn't been an issue for me though, but may be for others.

That aside, the reception has been great, the speeds have been great, and customer service so far has been great! Sprint was terrible in my area and inconsistent in areas where LTE was supposedly deployed. I tried their LTE in Chicago, Indianapolis, Dallas Fort Worth, and Los Angeles.

Same for me. Switched from AT&T to Tmobile. Have noticed the same issues you have (building penetration sometimes, gaps in less populated areas), but it hasn't been that bad for me. The speeds are fantastic, and I'm paying half what I was paying with AT&T for more minutes, text and data. Overall, I'll take the occasional hiccup to save the money. Hopefully, they'll continue to improve their network over time.

I'm planning to switch from Verizon to T-Mobile. Verizon's LTE locally is mediocre with no outlook for improvement. A friend with T-Mobile showed their non-LTE '4G' speed here as a speedtest and compared it and it was faster than Verizon's LTE.

Local Coverage with their non-LTE 4G service is as good if not better than Verizon's while AT&T's non-LTE 4G is patchy and slow and the LTE is not existent. Sprint don't even have a decent voice service.

I'm going to ride out the remainder of my Verizon contract by which time the iPhone 6 will be almost ready for launch if not already launched and will switch when the device is launched.

My latest visit to the UK cost me $3200 in data charges. Verizon had assured me that I could purchase a Sim Card in the UK and use a local carrier. So I paid for a sim card upon arrival only to find that the phone blocked it and while I didn't need voice I did need data so I put up with it.

That's a 15 year customer that Verizon will lose. The only reason I am going through the end of the contract with them is that the expiry date matches closely to the Annual launch date for the iPhone (thanks to Verizon's realignment of contract and new-every-two in their favor rather my favor).

You could do a Assumption of liability transfer if you want to leave Verizon sooner but you will lose your phone number you currently have. Do know how attached you are too that.

I switched to tmobile 3 years ago from sprint. I have never regretted it. Sprint (in phoenix at least) has no 4g of any kind and their 3g speeds are abysmal.

For the price, i think the service is great. Plus i get unlimited data with 2.5gb of tethering built in... Love it...

I switched to T-Mobile from AT&T on October 13, 2013 (when we finally got the phones). My wife and I ordered iPhone 5S (64GB) phones and had to wait 3 weeks for them. The service is great everywhere except in my apartment (basement apartment) where I get no signal. Out on street there's service, everywhere on the island (Staten Island) there seems to be service but my apartment <.<. Oh well I should have known as I was only betting one bar with AT&T service in my apartment when near the door. Other then that no problems.