T-Mobile to cut prices on iPhones by up to $50 starting Wednesday


A leaked memo sent to T-Mobile team members today reveals that the wireless carrier plans to cut the price on all of its iPhone models by up to $50 starting on Wednesday.

The memo, as posted by Tmonews, shows that the price cut will affect the iPhone 4 and 4s and the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c models. However, it does not have the specific price reductions on each of the phones. It's possible that tomorrow's price cuts will only see some of the iPhone models cut by $50 while others will experience lower price reductions.

Of course, such a move by T-Mobile could be interpreted as a way to get rid of some inventory in advanced of the rumored iPhone 6 release, but if you have been waiting for a lower price for the current iPhone models, this might be up your alley. What do you think of T-Mobile cutting the prices of the iPhone at this stage?

Source: Tmonews

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