T-Mobile offering 200MB of free data with cellular iPad purchases

If you’re looking to pick up a freshly announced iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina Display or even an iPad mini with cellular radio, T-Mobile is looking to convince you that it be with them over the other options available by giving away free data.

To help with that process, according to the Apple website T-Mobile will be giving away 200MB of free data as their starter offering for data services.  

While 200MB of data is a small amount of data that most users would blow through in no time, AT&T is asking customers to pay $14.99 for 250MB.

Chris Parsons

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Dionte says:

That's the one I will get, if I get one.

omarsforever says:

Free every month? What will they get in return?

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Ryandroid86 says:

your business and loyalty. Hoping you would consolidate all devices to them. This is a smart move.

dalaen says:

Will it be possible to get this separately from the iPad? (Unlocked + free "subscription")

CycloneFW says:

Hmmm. I wonder if I can "order" a SIM for this for occasional use in my 5S! 200 MB will go quick, but when I go skiing each year in VA, AT&T and T-Mobile get service on the slopes, but VZW does not. Be nice to be able to pop that into my 5S for texting when we get separated and trying to regroup.