T-Mobile offers $50 incentive for iPhone at Apple stores

T-Mobile offers $50 incentive for iPhone purchases at Apple

T-Mobile is ofering a $50 promotion for both prepaid and post-paid customers who are shopping for an iPhone at an Apple retail store. The limited time promotion will offer different incentives for prepaid and post-paid customers, though the value for both is still valued the same at $50 each.

For prepaid customers, $50 will be taken off the retail price of the iPhone whereas post-paid Simple Choice customers will be treated to a $50 iTunes gift card.

T-Mobile says the deal is good at over 250 Apple retail stores across the country.

The deal is likely to promote T-Mobile's visibility as an official carrier that offers the iPhone 5 on its network following the Un-Carrier 5.0 announcement where those on the fence can do a free 7-day in-home trial with an iPhone 5S with T-Mobile service. T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in his recent keynote that many iPhone shoppers did not realize that T-Mobile offered the iPhone on its speedy 4G LTE network, and it looks like the carrier is doing everything it can to bring awareness.

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T-Mobile offers $50 incentive for iPhone at Apple stores


Hmmm, I was going to get my wife a 5s and switch my T-Mobile account to a family account. Any idea if this incentive can be combined with T-Mobile's financing thing? Not sure how getting an iPhone at the Apple Store for T-Mobile compares with getting it through T-Mobile themselves.

I still have a 4s but purchase new iPad mini, I am currently reaching average 38-40 mbps, it's faster than my home wifi.

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I am doing the test drive right now, in NYC and the speeds are crazy fast! I am loving TMobile! Bye bye AT&T

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