T-Mobile announces over 12,000 sign-ups for 'Test Drive'

T-Mobile announces over 12,000 people have signed up for Test Drive

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has given an update on the carrier's recent Un-carrier 5.0 and Un-carrier 6.0 announcements. Un-carrier 5.0 was the announcement of T-Mobile Test Drive, which lets people try T-Mobile's network for free. Un-carrier 6.0 was Music Freedom, which lets customers use several music services without that data usage counting against their high-speed data limit.

Legere announced that over 12,000 people have pre-registered for Test Drive. The program lets potential T-Mobile customers try the network using an iPhone 5S for a week for free without any obligation. You can pre-register for Test Drive now, or wait to register on Monday, June 23, when the service actually opens.

T-Mobile is also letting customers vote on which music services to add next to Music Freedom. Some services, like Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes Radio are already included in Music Freedom, while others will be added over time. The top two contenders to be added to the program next are Google Play Music and Xbox Music. Over 75,000 votes have been cast so far on the Music Freedom website.

What do you think of T-Mobiles new Un-carrier programs, and what music service would you like to see added to the Music Freedom lineup? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile announces over 12,000 sign-ups for 'Test Drive'


Not surprised. Their pricing is good for families with 3 or more lines... I'm closing on a new house in a couple of weeks and will be doing so myself in preparation for an iPhone 6 to switch from Big Red

If you lived in my area, T-Mobile is by far the best. 57.00 a month for 3GB of data and unlimited Pandora, talk and text is simply fantastic.

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Depending on where you live this is great. Sadly until they expand their coverage more outside of large cities it's a no go for me. They fix that and I will gladly switch

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