T-Mobile activating 100,000 iPhones per month, now supports 1.9 million devices

T-Mobile activating 100,000 iPhones per month, now supporting 1.9 million iPhones so farAccording to T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the company is seeing a huge intake of new iPhone customers and this is before it actually officially has the phone on its network. Speaking at their 2013 Citi Global Conference in Las Vegas today, Mr Legere claimed that T-Mobile was seeing around 100,000 iPhone activations every month. He also claimed that T-Mobile serves around 1.9 million iPhones on its network.

T-Mobile should be officially launching the iPhone later this year after it was revealed in an investors day meeting that T-Mobile USA will be launching Apple products in 2013, and speculation is heavy that that will include the iPhone.

T-Mobile certainly seems to be preparing for that launch as it is currently rolling out iPhone friendly 3G support. It also announced yesterday that it would soon be rolling out its first LTE service, starting co-incidentally in Las Vegas. The aggressive rollout will continue throughout the year with 100 million potential customers by the middle of this year and double that amount by the end of the year.

It sounds to me like T-Mobile is doing all the ground work in anticipation of the iPhone 5 arriving officially on its network in the not too distant future!

Source: TmoNews, T-Mobile PR

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T-Mobile activating 100,000 iPhones per month, now supports 1.9 million devices

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Just got T-mobile on monday at its Edge network is the equivalent of Sprints 3g at least here in Miami. Loving T-mobile but not having visual voice mail and MMs is a bit disappointing