T-Mobile USA and Metro PCS and the $1.5 billion merger

T-Mobile USA and Metro PCS and the $1.5 billion merger

Turns out rumors of a fall wedding were true, and T-Mobile USA and Metro PCS have announced they're getting hitched in a $1.5 billion merger. Metro PCS will be taking T-Mobile's name, and the message they're pushing is one of value and affordability. Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann:

We are extremely pleased to announce this transaction with MetroPCS, which enhances Deutsche Telekom’s position in the expanding U.S. wireless market. The T-Mobile and MetroPCS brands are a great strategic fit – both operationally and culturally. The new company will be the value leader in wireless with the scale, spectrum and financial and other resources to expand its geographic coverage, broaden choice among all types of customers and continue to innovate, especially around the next-generation LTE network. We are committed to creating a sustainable and financially viable national challenger in the U.S., and we believe this combination helps us deliver on that commitment.

Regarding the iPhone -- or, more accurately, the prospect of finally getting an iPhone on T-Mobile: As expected, nobody really took that one on during this morning's conference call. Executives did, however, remind everyone that T-Mobile's open to folks bringing unlocked AT&T iPhones to its network. But for now, nothing new on the prospect of an iPhone 5.

Here's T-Mo's CEO to tell you all about it...

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T-Mobile USA and Metro PCS and the $1.5 billion merger