T-Mobile USA rumored to be announcing the iPhone today

T-Mobile USA rumored to be announcing the iPhone today

T-Mobile USA is rumored to be getting the iPhone today. The last of big four networks in the US without the iPhone, T-Mobile has an event scheduled for later today -- called Uncarrier -- and that's where the announcement 6 years in the making is supposed to take place. Roger Cheng from CNET reports:

The iPhone is critical to T-Mobile's plans to remake itself as the "different" carrier. It will be the marquee product illustrating its new no-contract, no-subsidy rules, where a customer pays a small fee upfront and pays a monthly charge on top of the service plan to cover the phone costs.

T-Mobile previously deployed their faster 3G/HSPA data speeds on what's known as AWS, a range of frequencies different than those of AT&T, and not supported by Apple and the iPhone. T-Mobile has been adding non-AWS HSPA support in many markets over the last couple of years. T-Mobile has also been trailing the other networks when it comes to 4G/LTE data speeds, with support for that only beginning this year.

The iPhone's popularity means Apple can charge the carriers a premium price for it, making it a potentially lucrative but an immediately expensive proposition for carriers. The original iPhone launched on AT&T in June 2007. The iPhone 4 launched on Verizon in January 2011. The iPhone 4S launched on Sprint in October 2011.

If this rumor pans out, the iPhone 5 will launch on T-Mobile USA sometime in the spring of 2013. Anyone planning on switching?

Source: CNET

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There are 27 comments. Add yours.

asuperstarr says:

They finally got the iPhone. This should be interesting. Hopefully they will offer a great plan and 4G service.

Damien D says:

trouble is i checked there pricing for family plan and its the same cost as ATT. so ATT has much better coverage so whats the point of t mobile plans there uncarrier plan is at most $10 less.

return_0 says:

That isn't true. For example, on T-Mobile you can get three lines with unlimited everything each for $140/month, while only 10 GB data will cost you $210 on AT&T.

trees247 says:

no...I have 2 line unlimited everything for 120 a month and If I upgrade to a phone I just pay 100 down and less that 20 a month for 24 months so that still keeps it at 140 per...

ame says:

This plus their "no contract" thing should be an interesting draw.

MacIntense says:

Finally...right. Well I think Tmobile will get better but I have no intention of switching even if it is cheaper. I know people that have Tmobile and they have trouble getting texts and data coverage so to me it's not worth switching. I have Verizon and realize I pay a premium for their reliability, coverage and speed. I will stay with them for at least the foreseeable future.

arin.failing says:

"The iPhone is critical to T-Mobile's plans to remake itself as the "different" carrier. It will be the marquee product illustrating its new no-contract, no-subsidy rules, where a customer pays a small fee upfront and pays a monthly charge on top of the service plan to cover the phone costs."

.....isn't that EXACTLY what a subsidy is?

cardfan says:

Except that you're paying an endless subsidy on the others. This one stops after the phone is paid off. Too bad Tmobile's coverage sucks.

arin.failing says:

I suppose, for those who stay with a phone longer than their two-year cycle, yeah. But I am, and I would venture to say quite a bit of wireless customers are, in the habit of renewing as soon as the two-year contract is up. And yes, even if I wasn't to upgrade every two-years, T-Mobile's coverage a shotty at best, and isn't enough to persuade me to jump from Verizon (and I live in the Seattle area, where the T-Mobile USA headquarters are at)!

return_0 says:

Great. Another carrier defecting to the dark side.

Premium1 says:

Wonder how the financing will work if someone decides to leave after a few months? And isn't financing it pretty much same as a subsidy just without a contract?

kch50428 says:

I would presume the financing that Tmobile is doing would be just like a credit card... you can pay it off any time, or the monthly minimum until balance is satisfied. And the same consequences would apply if you bailed on that finance agreement if you bail on a credit card.

rickyromero says:

Pretty great of T-Mobile to snag the iPhone, even if it took them over six years to get it. Also definitely interested to find out how well people will flock to it considering they are going to let people pay it off in monthly installment plans.

cardfan says:

It's a shame to see Tmobile fooling with LTE. Go for coverage with hspa+ first. It sucks. Set your foundation first.

Vanti says:

Thats the same thing i was thinking in the back of my mind i was hoping that they would announce their Lte plans and have as a huge headliner that they are eliminating 2g or Edge everywhere in the U.S.

raybeem says:

Good coverage and a well priced true unlimited, un-throttled data plan and I would jump in a heartbeat. In Atlanta, GA on AT

kch50428 says:

No longer rumor... officially announced.

trees247 says:

Iphone is now on tmobile..99 down

metllicamilitia says:

Is it? That's awesome. When I was on TMo, I didn't have many issues with them other than their phone selection, but this year they have the GS3 and hopefully the GS4, the Blackberry Z10 and now the iPhone, as long as they have a nice Windows Phone they're doing great. They just need to build up their LTE market and they will be a pretty major contender again. What with truly unlimited iPhones and all.

lbaxter says:

If their HSPA ( ?) covered enough ground, I would. Unfortunately, I travel to very remote places quite often. No coverage, no sale.

ericsmcdonald says:

Plain and simply t-mobile's frequencies and coverage are not adequate for me. Even with HSPA at 1900 it doesn't provide the same indoor coverage like Verizon. I won't be switching. But their prices make it almost impossible not to even consider it.

cardfan says:

That's why their pricing is lower. Their coverage and service is half baked.

shinuyuki says:

While their finally getting the iPhone, it's simply to lure people over with their cheap plans. Their coverage is simply subpar and that is the only reason their plans are so low. While their coverage will improve over time, it is absolutely horrible at this time and not worth buying. T-Mobile is slowly but surely becoming a player in this market, but right now they are still in 4th place.

asuperstarr says:

Yeah right! I'm not sure what we entice me to switch to t-mobile, but here is a start.
Data plan 25GB for 50.00
Unlimited calls and text 25.00

AdrianGabeChen says:

now it will work on mobilicity and wind's network in canada yeah

alexf1man says:

Do you think they could possibly link up with Orange, then replicate this offer in the UK as well?

rizaldi w says:

They sells cheap iPhone.... in indonesia no one cellular operator will do that... here, iPhone 5 16GB with no operator bundling is about 770-800 USD -____-