T-Mobile USA will offer free iPhone 5 to iPhone users switching from another carrier

T-Mobile USA will offer free iPhone 5 to iPhone users switching from another carrier

T-Mobile USA is offering an iPhone 5 for free on activation when you switch from another carrier and trade in your current iPhone 4 or 4S. The offer is available through Father’s Day, June 16, and customers who take advantage of this deal will receive a $120 credit that can be put towards things like monthly payments, outstanding bills, or accessories. T-Mobile hopes that users looking at this offer will see the total value that T-Mobile wants to provide:

“Our message to iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 customers is simple: bring in your device and trade up to iPhone 5 on T-Mobile,” said Mike Sievert, chief marketing officer for T-Mobile. “We’re making it incredibly attractive to buy an iPhone 5 by pairing an un-beatable upfront price and trade-in offer with Simple Choice, the most hassle-free and affordable rate plan in wireless.”

The main barrier for users who want to take advantage of this offer would be the early termination fee from their current carrier. An ETF can be expensive, though if the customer has had their phone for awhile, it’s possible that the fee has decreased significantly. T-Mobile is likely hoping that customers will see this deal as a way to offset some of the costs. The offer continues T-Mobile’s aggressive push to stand out from the other major U.S. carriers and remain competitive. For those wanting to take advantage of the offer, remember that the iPhone goes on sale on T-Mobile starting this Friday, April 12.

If you have an iPhone 4 or 4S on another carrier, does this offer tempt you? Were you considering a switch anyway? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: T-Mobile USA

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hampstenj says:

not gonna lie, the offer is tempting, especially since my verizon contract is almost up, however I question how good t-Mobile is in terms of coverage to leave verizon. especially outside of a major city, it may be great in a city, but once you get out of the suburbs how good is it??

joelsofly says:

What if you have a iphone 4 on tmobile can I still trade it for a 5?

joelsofly says:

What if you have a iphone 4 on tmobile can I still trade it for a 5?

z3on says:

Look at the title and you will have the answer: "T-Mobile USA will offer free iPhone 5 to iPhone users switching from another carrier"

Did you even bother reading the article...

Rollie Matheson says:

Yes, you can trade an iPhone 4, but you are not getting the iPhone 5 for free. They are waiving the $99 purchase price, but you still pay the $20/mo x 24 months. It is true that you can take the iPhone 5 home with no money down (i.e. loosely defined as "free").

Essentially, they are giving you $99 for your iPhone 4. This deal sucks.

chris.lenderman says:

If I understand it correctly, they are also providing a $120 credit in addition. So $220 for your iPhone 4. That's more than I'd get for turning it in to Apple, Gazelle or similar.

Not too shabby. Especially if you were looking to switch carriers anyway.

Rollie Matheson says:

I didn't think the $120 credit was guaranteed. I figured it was either based on the condition of the phone or maybe for the 4S. Who knows.

luhnlaw says:

How does T-Mobil rate, compared to AT&T, Verizon and/or Sprint?

shaolinfinest says:

in regards to pricing or coverage?

If you pay for your device out right, they are the cheapest company to go with. If you do not, They are head to head with AT&T. Verizon would be about $10 more than the 2. Coverage wise, I was not impressed with them. I have an account with all 4 carriers, I do not use them all but when I got T-Mobile it did not work in my house or at my job. So I gave the account away to my sister since it would save her money. Granted their service works better in some places rather than others.

T-Mobile's data is the fastest of them all.

asuperstarr says:

Wow, that is great for those wanting an iPhone and don't care about the carrier.

wamadden4 says:

Wow these dudes are DESPERATE!!! No thanks though... I will stick with great coverage that comes with Verizon on my iPhone 5... Remember people, in terms of most things, you pay for what you get....

shinuyuki says:

I have an iPhone 4 on Verizon and definitely considered switching; however, after doing research, T-Mobile's coverage sucks in Las Vegas, NV. I no longer have an interest in switching.

benjimen says:

Hardly free -- just the down payment. iMore should work on their fact-checking :-(

Winski says:

BUT, nothing for those of us that bought the new, UN-LOCKED iPhone 5 back in December to take over to T-Mumble… These guys are making it REAL EASY to LEAVE T-Mumble….

Sabreigha Dixon says:

What if I have an iphone on another carrier but the contract is up and the phone is off. Could I still trade?

shaolinfinest says:

probably not, I am not 100% sure but sometimes these deals require you to port your number from one carrier to another. That is how Sprint does it, if you sign up as a new customer with them you pay $200 for the phone. Port your number from another carrier and you pay $99.99 for the phone.

jerome g says:

The deal is not good for an iPhone 4S trade in at all, I just sold mine for $376 on eBay, take 10% off for seller/PayPal fees and it still doesn't compare

rustymini says:

I would do it,but COVERAGE is a problem. Their new plans sound great. I have VZW.

ethanwc says:

Translation: They give you $100 bucks for your iPhone 4 or 4S. You're still committed to pay the remainder of $479 dollars at $20 a month.

NOT a good deal. The iPhone 4 could still fetch 200-270 on ebay.

Vanti says:

I think it seems a lot smarter to sell your current iPhone on eBay or Craigslist to really get your money's worth and then just put all that money towards the 5 on tmobile.
With the way they worded the article It looks like its at the discretion of the employee to give you what they think your phone is worth.

Uriah Romero says:

I was tempted enough to trade my 4S for the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile, and I couldn’t be happier with how fast the service is in my city. Streaming is very fast and there are rarely any hiccups. I like catching up on my live and recorded shows using my phone on the trip to and from work at DISH, as it takes a while to get there. The app I like to stream with is the DISH Anywhere app, which lets me watch my shows wherever I go, and it works well on the iPhone 5.

farairo80 says:

Well that's really great news infact I'm looking forward to replacing my iPhone 4 & this deal comes at a right time..Now i can trade my iPhone 4 for iphone 5

Leo Faqiri Afghan says:

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