Tablet-enabled Commander Mode introduced for Battlefield 4

Another mobile tie-in found its way into one of the big E3 press conferences today. EA was showing off Commander Mode for the upcoming Battlefield 4 first-person shooter game. Players in the commander role get a top-down view of a battle, and can deliver orders, drop supplies, and launch artillery support by way of airborne gunships or long-range missiles.

The structure here is vaguely reminiscent of what Tom Clancy's Division is doing, though as a commander, I imagine it's much harder to drop in and out since the team needs to be able to rely on consistent support in order to succeed. In any case, the Battlefield franchise already provides an extensive presence on iOS by way of their Battlelog social network and game tracking service.

If you're liking the looks of Battlefield 4, you should definitely scope out the full live gameplay demo that was shown off here at EA's press conference, along with a bunch of other awesome titles. Check out everything else BF4 has to offer over here.

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Tablet-enabled Commander Mode introduced for Battlefield 4


Battlefield 3 is the best console shooter I have ever played. Can't wait for 4 on next gen!

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I was so disappointed with Battlefield Bad Company 2, that I didn't even bother with Battlefield 3. Perhaps I should give this franchise another go round in Battlefield 4.