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Sprint confirms they'll be carrying the 128GB iPad 4

Sprint has confirmed that they will indeed be offering the recently announced 128GB variant of the iPad 4. This also leads us to assume other carriers will follow suit.

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Apple announces 128GB iPad 4, available Feb. 5 starting at $799

Apple this morning announced new versions of the fourth-generation iPad, bringing the maximum storage level to 128 gigabytes. Same 9.7-inch retina display, same internals. Just more GBs. The upgraded storage applies to the Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi + Cellular versions of the iPad and doubles the previous max.

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Apple reportedly readying 128GB "Ultimate" iPad 4 for launch

No sooner was support for 128GB NAND flash storage capacities found in iOS 6 beta 5, than reports pop up saying Apple is readying 128GB "ultimate" versions of the iPad 4 for launch. The news come by way of Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, who typically has excellent sources on imminent product releases.

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128GB iPhones get rumored again, this time thanks to iOS 6.1

Some people really want a 128GB iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, so whenever there's a new product refresh coming up, like the presumed iPhone 5s, rumors of higher storage capacities come with them. This time, however, it's the news that iOS 6.1 beta 5 provides support for larger storage capacities that's sent the rumors running.

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64GB 4th Gen iPhone, 128GB 4th Gen iPod touch Next Year?

It was bound to happen, but with Toshiba announcing that it's managed to cram 64GB of NAND flash memory onto a single chip, we can now officially start the rumors of a 64GB iPhone and 128GB iPod touch... perhaps as soon as next year's 4th generation models if prices get low enough fast enough.

The iPod touch doesn't have to worry about all the phone-related radios, and so has double the slots for memory, so it will likely always get twice as much storage as the iPhone, and at 128GB might Apple finally retire the veteran (and last) hard drive-based iPod classic?

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