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AT&T online offering $100 off 16GB iPhone 5s

Had your eye on a 16GB iPhone 5s and been waiting on a great deal before pulling the trigger? Well, AT&T online is currently offering just exactly that model for $100 off. That means you can add it to your cart and check out now for only $99.

If you're not sure about AT&T, check their coverage map first. If you're not sure about the iPhone 5s or 16GB (yeah), check our iPhone 5s buyers guide. If you're not sure you can wait any longer for a new iPhone, shop away and let me know what you get!

  • $99 - AT&T iPhone 5s on contract - Buy now

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16GB, 32GB, or 64GB: Which iPhone 5 storage size should you get?

Decided to get a brand new iPhone 5 but not sure which storage capacity to get? 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB all have their pros and cons, so it's important to weigh all the options carefully and get the very best price/performance ration for you.

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Apple announces the new iPod nano, widescreen with Bluetooth

Apple has just announced a new iPod nano which is the 7th generation of the hugely popular device. The new nano is larger than the previous model as it comes with a 2.5-inch screen and has physical controls on the side. It has a similar look to an iPhone but obviously it is much smaller and thinner coming in at just 5.4mm thick.

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Rumor claims Apple set release lower priced 8GB iPad 2, no 64GB iPad 3... wait, what?

Yet more rumors are surfacing that Apple will release a lower priced 8GB iPad 2 alongside the iPad 3 this month. Digitimes, which has not been extremely accurate lately, says this is to "defend" against Windows 8 tablets coming later this year.

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16GB, 32GB, or 64GB: Which iPhone 4S capacity should you get?

So you know you're getting an iPhone 4S, and you've chosen which carrier to get it on, now you need to decide which storage capacity you wish -- 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB?

No problem. Let's break it down, shall we?

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T-Mobile UK Now Offering 16GB Wifi + 3G iPads

It looks like the 16GB 3G variant of the iPad is now being offered on T-Mobile for UK customers. Depending on what plan you choose, you can snag a bit of a discount on the actual iPad.

New customers can get 1GB of data + 1GB of quiet time data (data used between midnight and 10am) for £27.00/month which will bring the actual iPad cost to £199.00. Existing customers can get the same data plan for £25.00/month and receive the same £199.00 deal on the actual device.

If you'd prefer to go no contract, there are 3 pay as you go plans you can choose from -

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UPDATED: iPhone 3G in Canada: Rogers Wrecking 6GB Accounts, Fido Ditching iPhone 16GB?

UPDATE: Keith from Rogers in the comments:

I’m in the communications department at Rogers and can confirm that we are aware of this issue with the 6GB promotion. It was a technological malfunction that resulted in an error on less than 10 customer accounts. We take these things very seriously and we’re working to fix it. We will, of course, continue to honour the 6GB promotion for those customers who signed up for it.

Thanks Keith, now how about news on bringing back those $30/6GB accounts as standard so Canada reaches some form of parity with US pricing?

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Buy an iPhone for $249 & $349

AT&T is currently selling refurbished iPhones in their online store! The 8GB version is going for $249 and the 16GB version is priced at $349. With no iPhones currently in the pipeline over at Apple, this is probably the best bet to get an iPhone online. AT&T has sold iPhones at this price a few time before so I wouldn't look too much into it (read: this is in no way a rumor of Apple & AT&T cleaning out old stock before the imminent release of the 3G iPhone, though by putting this in parenthesis I'm well aware of the possibility).

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Apple Quietly Adds 16 GB iPhone!

The headline says it all except the pricing and availability. Pricing: $399.00 US for the 8GB (same as it ever was) and $499.00 US for the 16GB model.

Wait? What? Wasn't there, like, this big conference not too long ago where you could make announcements about new iPhones? Oh yea, there was, I was there. Guess doubling the amount of available storage on an iPhone isn't worth Steve's precious keynote time, (but jiggly mode is?). Anyway, it's good news nonetheless.

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