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2011 Most Used Apps

Chris Vitek's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

Narrowing down the list of my most used apps is a huge undertaking! There are apps that I may use intensively for long periods of time, then not use so much at all. What I tried to do was identify the apps there were used on an almost daily basis, even if they were ones that I didn't use for a long period of time each day. This is perhaps best exemplified by my first choice...

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Chris Parsons' most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

Given that I spread my device usage across many different platforms such as iOS, Android and yes, even BlackBerry -- I find I have a few standard apps that I like to use. There is of course an exception when it comes to iOS, because I'm not overly fond of the native Twitter client on any OS but for the most part -- my most used apps all revolve around productivity for me and getting things done when I really need to. Read on for my selections

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Jessica's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

It has taken me so long to write up my most used apps of 2011 because - how was I supposed to choose just five apps? However, I've managed to narrow it down. My first home screen page is dedicated to my most used apps. This list isn't in any particular, so here we go!

  • Jessica

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Jared's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

Much like the other TiPb staff, my most used apps are the native applications that come pre-installed on the iPhone and iPad, but unfortunately they don't meet  all my needs. I have spent a lot of time (more than I would like to admit) in the App Store looking for applications that fit my needs, and I have found a bunch that I use on a daily basis.

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George's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

My most used apps of 2011 include an endless list of Twitter apps, ‘video streaming apps’, and of course, the default apps like Safari, Mail, Messages and YouTube. When I do download apps from the App Store, I immediately store them into folders: "Games, Utilities, Utilities 2". However, there are a select few apps that live outside of folders, because I use them so often. Here are the top 5 that I’ve used this year.

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Alli's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

If you look at my iPhone and iPad home screens, you see almost nothing in common. You might think they were owned by two different people. I use them very differently, so have different top apps for each. For the purpose of this year's most-used apps list, I'm limiting myself to the overall top 5 in no particular order. (It's enough I was able to limit to five!)

  • Alli Flowers

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Chris’s most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

I tend to go through phases where I can continually change the apps I have on my home page, and the apps I use the most. There are however five apps that will never leave their prime positions. These are my most-used apps, the ones I can't function without, the ones I use everyday, over and over again.

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Seth's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

These are Seth's most used apps of 2011. Others have their own most used apps, but these are Seth's.

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Andrew's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

My most-used apps of 2011 consist of some of Rene's favorites, and for good reason. Like Rene and Leanna, I'd also prefer to list some of the great default apps included in iOS like Mail, Reminders, Safari Browser for iPhone and iPad etc., but that would just be boring. Instead, here's a list of some of the most-used iPhone and iPad apps I spent the majority of my time with this year.

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Ally's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

Some of my favorite apps have managed to stay the same year after year, but app updates and new contenders are always finding their way onto my device. While there are tons of great apps in the App Store, these are the apps that currently earn a place on the homescreen of my iPhone or iPad, or even both.

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