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2012 awards

2012 iMore editors choice awards

They're what change the way you have fun and get things done. What make you replace what's in your pocket, in your lap, on your Home screen, in your workflow, and on your mind. What challenges your preconceptions, has you instantly forget what came before, and make it impossible to imagine how you'd do without them. They're the devices, events, apps, and games that affected us the most, and they're our 2012 editors choice award winners.

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2012 iMore readers choice awards

We asked you to tell us your favorite devices, features, news, events, apps, games, and accessories. The only condition was that had to have happened, or been introduced or majorly updated in 2012. Nothing old. Only new. And you told us by the thousands. Now the votes are in. The polls are closed. The results have been tallied. Your favorites have been named. And right here, right now, they'll be revealed...

These are your 2012 iMore readers choice awards!

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