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2012 review

Biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple podcasts of 2012

We do a lot of podcasts, both at iMore and at the Mobile Nations network in general. Any given week, we're putting out 5 or more hours of audio and video. Multiply that by the course of year, add in some trade show coverage, cross-overs, and appearances on other networks, and you get the idea. In 2012 we took it up yet another notch. We added more shows, stretched a little beyond mobile, and ramped up a lot of our production efforts. To see which ones you liked the most, we once again turned to analytics and counted all the plays.

Here are your favorite podcasts of the 2012!

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Biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple how-tos of 2012

Mobile Nations was founded on the idea of helping readers get the most out of their devices, and that's why how-to tips and guides have been a staple of all of our sites, including iMore, from the very beginning. In 2012 Apple released more devices, and iOS came to include more features than ever before. iMore met this escalation with one of our own -- our ultimate guide series. Better organized and better presented, your response to them has been tremendous, and almost all of them proved to be among our most popular how-to posts of the year.

So here they are, your favorite how-tos of 2012!

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Biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple controversies of 2012

Any sufficiently large company is indistinguishable from evil. That's not a condemnation, it's a realization that, as a company grows, the likelihood that their every policy and decision will lineup with the best interests of a majority, much less all of their users, shrinks. That's true of Apple, who makes our devices and the platforms they run. That's true of Google and Facebook and Twitter, who make our services and keep us connected. That creates controversy.

Here are your most viewed controversies of 2012.

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The biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple editorials of 2012

Neither the world, nor the web, lives by news alone. 2012 had more than its fair share of new apps and devices, of major triumphs and tragedies, but to go along with all the facts and specs, to counterpoint the news, iMore published a slew of views and opinions, reviews and comparisons. So, once again, we fired up the analytics, ordered everything by popularity, and put this togther.

And here they are, your favorite editorials of 2012!

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The biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple news stories of 2012

As 2012 comes to an end it seems fitting to reflect back on the events that molded and shaped it, and in iMore's case, that means the biggest iPhone, iPad, and Apple news stories of the year. So, we cracked open the analytics, sorted by popularity, and compiled a list of the your top 5 favorite stories.

Interestingly, and awesomely, they were all stories iMore broke or helped break. Not all of them panned out exactly as we heard they would, but it looks like the broad strokes were all there. From the dates of events and launches to the designs and looks of the devices themselves, we gave you exactly what you wanted to read and share, and wow did you read and share it.

So here they are, your favorite news stories of 2012!

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