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2.2 Firmware

Today on the Forums: Next Gen iPhone? 2.2 Battery Issues? Free Ring Tones! Jailbreak Central! And Top 10 Jailbroken Apps!

The forums continue to grow and today we have a few interesting threads that you should not miss.

Sturamsden started a thread that asks the question I'm sure a lot of people who do not currently own an iPhone may be asking: should I wait until the next generation iPhone comes out before I make my purchase? To see what type of advice he is getting please head on over to his thread, how close is the next gen iPhone?

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Tips and How To's: Post-2.2 Battery Woes

Like most iPhone users out there, I'm always excited about firmware upgrades because you EXPECT things to be BETTER afterward, right? I just so happened to be up late, writing, on the night that the 2.2 firmware update hit, and wasted no time in downloading it to my precious iPhone 3G. Once completed, everything was fine and much improved! ย Or... ย  was it?

It wasn't long until I realized that my iPhone was heating up excessively and I couldn't keep it close enough to a charger. If my phone was topped off when I went to bed, and left unplugged, it was dead by morning. How could this be? Even a reset didn't help. There had to be some app running in the background that was chewing up my battery faster than Pac-man on a steroid/speed cocktail. Are YOU having the same problem since the 2.2 update? If so, read on. This tip may apply to you!

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Today on the Forums: Win a Smartphone by Helping Android Casey! Win Accessories Too! And Disappointed in 2.2 Features?

Today on the forums we have a couple of "Official" TiPB threads. So these are some you do not want to miss!

First up , don't forget to jump in on the action for your chance to win some free stuff! Everyone enjoys receiving free stuff right!? Check out the iPhone Live! #2 Contest Entry Thread. And for even more details regarding this new contest, please head on over to the Ultimate iPhone Accessory Give Away for all of the contest information.

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Today on the Forums: Must Read For Jailbreakers, iPhone Attachable Keyboard, When to Expect the 2.2 Firmware

Our iPhone Forums have been busy as of late, so lets get things going...

Jailbreaking has been a very popular topic lately here on TiPb. So, it's fitting that everyone interested in that topic check out the thread and click on the link. There are a few pieces of software out there today that allow you to Jailbreak. Personally and for most of the TiPb Team QuickPwn is the popular choice, and we tend to avoid "others" out there. This must-read link for iPhone jailbreakers will tell you why.

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