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Review: Maximo iMetal Isolation Headset

Quite some time back I reviewed Maximo's iMetal Earbud headset and thought they were a quality product. True to it's name, I liked the metal earbud housings vs. plastic, the sound was good, and the performance for phone calls was more than acceptable. I've had a chance to try out another Maximo product, the iMetal Isolation Headset, available here in the iMore Store for $69.95. So how do they measure up? How do they compare to the earbud headset that I also like from Maximo? Read on for the full review!

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iPhone App Avalanche 14: Accounts, iXpenseIt, Bloomberg Mobile and CreditTrak

It's time for App Avalanche 14, and this week we're taking a look at the Finance category in the App Store and at what's Good, Better, Best, and, of course, the CrApp. If you are looking for some good finance apps, there are a load of apps in the App Store in this category. Unfortunately, there seem to be a ton of very mediocre apps (according to reviews left by App Store visitors), and it takes a bit of sifting through the coal dust to find some diamonds. Read on to learn about some Finance apps you may want to try for yourself!

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Tip o' the Week: Sync iPhone on Two Computers

I don't know if you have tried this (I have), but if you attempt to sync your iPhone with any computer other than the one you originally synced with your iPhone, you will receive a warning that your iPhone is "synced with another iTunes library."  Your only choice at this point is to "Cancel" the operation or "Erase and Sync" because your iPhone can only be synced to one iTunes library at a time.  Or CAN it?

Thanks to a set of most excellent instructions from the Shiny Things blog of Andrew Grant located here, you can sync your iPhone with one or more additional computers. Read on to learn more!

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iPhone App Avalanche 13: Crazy Pumpkin, iDayDream, i.TV and Babe-O-Meter!

It's time for App Avalanche 13, and this week we're taking a look at the Entertainment category in the App Store and at what's Good, Better, Best, and, of course, the CrApp. There's at least 26 (!) pages of Entertainment apps and counting. After exhaustive research by our highly-trained TiPb staff (please note: author taking massive liberties with the truth here; likely exaggerating), these apps have been hand-picked for YOU. Given that this is unlucky Avalanche 13, written on the 13th, I'm sure the author of the CrApp is feeling quite unlucky for being featured here! 

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Tip o' the Week: iPhone Economics 101

From bear markets to bailouts, punctuated with politicians' platitudes, there is one thing that's certain - the economy is uncertain. All of us may be finding ways to cut back, spend a little less, save a little more, and we here at TiPb, much like a former President, "feel your pain" (bite lower lip here). Our very own Imperious Leader (Editor Rene Ritchie) has posted a survey in the forums and given all of you a chance to weigh in. Read on for more about this and for a few other ideas to save your $$$!

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iPhone App Avalanche 12: SpaceTime Converter, iSign, Elements: Flash Cards and aDriverTest!

It's time for App Avalanche 12, and this week we're taking a look at the Education category in the App Store and at what's Good, Better, Best, and, of course, the CrApp. There's an abundance of apps to choose from, and the Education category has pages and pages of good stuff (and some that isn't so good). Here at TiPb, we're all about culling through the mediocrity to see if we can deliver a few precious gems (and one piece of coal, of course!). Let's get started after the break!

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Tip o' the Week: iPhone Power

The iPhone is an excellent traveling companion, whether you are still sporting the iPhone 2G or loving you some GPS-equipped iPhone 3G. Google Maps, music, movies, and apps are several of the features that make traveling more sublime, but all this functionality requires a lot of juice, and if you haven't noticed by now, you can't swap your iPhone battery when you've run it dry. What to do? Read on for this week's Tip!

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iPhone App Avalanche 11: Thumbtacts, TapeMe, iExchange, and Aqua


It's time for App Avalanche 11, and this week we're shaking things up a bit over here at TiPb. Given the App Store is truly an avalanche of apps with more piling up each day, it's just about impossible to keep up. Instead, we'll present to you what's Good, Better and Best in the App Store according to what reviewers have said -- folks just like you and me who downloaded the app, tried it out, and gave it 1 to 5 stars. We're also going to throw in a CrApp -- an app that just seems to stink to high heaven. Let's get started after the break!

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iPhone App Avalanche 10

Not sure if you've checked lately, but the App Store is ever-growing! So far more than 100 apps have been featured on the App Avalanche, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Time to dive in for another app-stravaganza with iPhone App Avalanche 10!

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Tip o' the Week: App Sorting


It seems like ages ago that our iPhones were updated to allow moving icons around and, lo and behold, even to a 2nd (and 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.) screen! Back then, it was gratifying to have the capability to do it, but unless you had a ton of web pages bookmarked and web apps galore, there wasn't much need to go beyond screen #2, maybe to screen #3.

Now, everything has changed. With the advent of the iTunes App Store, there are a bazillion apps available for download, many of them FREE! If you are like me, you've already downloaded like crazy and now you're staring at an iPhone with apps occupying six screens of real estate and threatening a seventh. Feeling more and more like a hoarder every day, I need to get organized! How so on the iPhone? Read on for this week's Tip!

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