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3rd Part Apps

App Preview: MobileFiles Grants Access to your MobileMe files on your iPhone

While we wait for an "official" iDisk app from Apple, the folks over at Quickoffice have released a free app for the iPhone called MobileFiles. This app is different from our recent post about Box.net. This app is used strictly to access your MobileFiles on the go. There is lots to talk about this app, but what I like the most is that when you access a file from your MobileMe account, it saves it locally for you to access later; without being online. You can even go in and manage what files you want to keep locally or not. Here is a high-level list of things you can do with Mobilefiles:

  • Add multiple MobileMe accounts
  • Add multiple MobileMe public folders
  • View almost any type of supported file
  • Built-in file manager
  • FREE!!!

Quickoffice is also working on an office client for the iPhone as well. Others that have jumped in the document editing area are Documents to Go and Microsoft. Who will be victorious? I can't wait to find out. Do yourself and favor, and if you have a MobileMe account, don't wait, download this awesome app now!

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What 3rd Party iPhone SDK Apps Will Be Available Launch Day?! Countdown to WWDC Rumor Roundup

Monday we asked you "What's the iPhone 3G Chip and When Will it Ship?". Tuesday it was "What is the iPhone 3G Going to Look Like?". Wednesday brought "What Surprises Will There Be in the iPhone 2.0 Software & Services?" Today we want to know what 3rd party iPhone SDK Apps might be ready to download come launch day?

EA, Salesforce, AOL, Sega, and a noble few were right there at the beginning, and since then dozens if not hundreds of others have been rumored if not confirmed, including titans like Microsoft, Sun, and Adobe. But who will be ready come game (and business!) day? Bioshock? Documents2Go? SlingBox? Flash?! What do YOU think?

To give you some help, here's a HUGE roundup of all the iPhone SDK 3rd party apps rumors. Epic-style. Because let's face it, roughly 0.01 seconds after Steve Jobs pulled the first iPhone from his pocket back at Macworld 2007, and someone, somewhere, put aside their childlike sense of wonder long enough think: "Nice! What's the next gen going to be like?"

Complementary, contradictory, obvious, confusing, all but confirmed or from left field via outer space, the rumors have flooded the internet ever since. It's become almost impossible to keep track of them all.

Four days from today Steve Jobs takes Moscone Center stage for the sold-out WWDC keynote, and according to everyone and their newsfeed, announces the iPhone 3G. In eager anticipation, every day this week, TiPb wil be asking you to tell us what you think the next generation iPhone will be, from 3G to GPS, release dates to price points, colors to casings, 2.0 software to .Mac .Me services, and this weekend we'll wrap it all up with a look into the WWDC/iPhone 3G Crystal Ball, and a roundup of the very best of YOUR predictions.

So come on, let's get in on!

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