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Rumor claims Apple set release lower priced 8GB iPad 2, no 64GB iPad 3... wait, what?

Yet more rumors are surfacing that Apple will release a lower priced 8GB iPad 2 alongside the iPad 3 this month. Digitimes, which has not been extremely accurate lately, says this is to "defend" against Windows 8 tablets coming later this year.

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8GB iPhone 4 pops up in Brazil

Gizmodo Brazil got their hands on some pictures of the 8GB iPhone 4 at Foxconn's new Brazilian manufacturing plant.

Most of these photos don't look like anything special—just snapshots of a familiar face. But when you get to the last one, a picture of a Foxconn Brazil quality control form, you'll notice something strange: a different model number, N90A. This has already been rumored to represent a cheaper version of the iPhone4.

Apple typically makes a new, lower storage version of the past year's iPhone to keep selling alongside the new one at a US$99 price point. Last year that was the iPhone 3GS. This year, it'll in all likelihood be the iPhone 4.


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Apple set to release an 8GB iPhone 4 alongside the iPhone 5?

According to a report from Reuters this morning, Apple has instructed its Asian manufacturers to begin production of a lower priced iPhone 4 with just 8GB of on-board storage. The information comes from “People with knowledge of the matter”. The flash drives for the 8GB iPhone 4 will be manufactured by a Korean company according to the same sources but no company name was revealed.

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Return of the 8GB iPhone 3GS Rumors

Could an 8GB iPhone 3GS replace the 8GB iPhone 3G Apple currently offers as it's ahem bargain-basement smartphone? The $99 iPhone 3G was one of the big stories of 2009, competing against otherwise anemic Pearls and Qs at that price point. An 8GB 3GS at $99 (or lower?) has been rumored before. Now Gizmodo says it could be immanent:

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AT&T Planning Release of $99 8GB iPhone 3GS?

Boy Genius has heard some rumblings that AT&T is ready to launch an 8GB iPhone 3GS in preparation of Verizon releasing the highly anticipated Motorola Droid. While this is not confirmed this would be a good way for Apple to pick up quite a bit more sales just in time for the holiday season, especially in the $99 price range. Black Friday anyone?

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Rogers Canada Website Leaks 8GB iPhone 3GS?

Once again Canada's Rogers looks to be the source of a leak surrounding an upcoming 8GB iPhone 3GS, which -- if true -- would bring Apple's latest hardware down to the budget smartphone price point of $99.

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Rogers Canada to Start Selling 8GB iPhone 3GS?

Boy Genius is reporting several tips on this, so it looks likely that Rogers in Canada is getting ready to launch an 8GB iPhone 3GS. Why? They proffer:

Maybe the iPhone 3G stock is finally sold out and Apple will quietly (or not quietly) replace the $99 model iPhone with an 8GB 3GS?

This appeal to anyone? How about to anyone who jumped on the $99 16GB iPhone 3G already?

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Buy an iPhone for $249 & $349

AT&T is currently selling refurbished iPhones in their online store! The 8GB version is going for $249 and the 16GB version is priced at $349. With no iPhones currently in the pipeline over at Apple, this is probably the best bet to get an iPhone online. AT&T has sold iPhones at this price a few time before so I wouldn't look too much into it (read: this is in no way a rumor of Apple & AT&T cleaning out old stock before the imminent release of the 3G iPhone, though by putting this in parenthesis I'm well aware of the possibility).

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