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Do you want your iPhone apps sharpened up for iPhone 4's Retina Display?

Do you want your iPhone apps sharpened up for iPhone 4's Retina Display? iPhone 4 has a whopping 960x480 screen which is literally 4 times (twice vertical, twice horizontal) the pixel size, but the same physical size, as previous generation iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS. That's a density of over 300dpi -- print magazine quality. Existing apps will just seamlessly use 4 pixels on the iPhone 4 compared to 1 pixel on previous gen iPhones, so they'll look identical.

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Microscope confirms iPhone HD/iPhone 4G has 960x640 screen?

With the flood of iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototypes and spare parts turning up it was only a matter of time before someone put the screen under a microscope and began counting pixels, and yes -- it looks to be the ultra-sharp 960x640 pixel display we've been drooling over for a while now.

It also looks to be an IPS panel like the iPad and latest generation iMacs, which means those glorious dots will have an equally glorious field of view.

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Are these iPhone HD/iPhone 4G video call settings?

Could these be shots of iPhone HD/iPhone 4G iChat video call settings screens taken off field test units? Who knows, they don't look 960x640 to our pixel peepers but with WWDC 2010 and the supposed unveiling only a few weeks away, anything is possible.

So let us know, real, fake, or really fake?


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iPhone HD/iPhone 4G to sport 960x640 IPS/FFS panel, 512MB RAM, 24 million units

Apple's 4th generation iPhone HD/iPhone 4G could be set to launch with a print magazine quality 960x640 in-plane switching (IPS), fringe-field switching (FFS) display, and a beefy 512MB of RAM according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the in hit-and-miss industry trade, Digitimes.

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UPDATED: 4th Gen iPhone HD to Launch June 22, have Apple chipset, 960x640 display, front-facing camera, multitasking

Daring Fireball often blurs the line between carefully concealed wink-nudge leak and flat out facetious commentary, so with that in mind John Gruber has this to say about the 4th generation iPhone (which still won't be called iPhone 4G!):

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