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Accessibility Tips

How to use Keyboard accessibility features on Mac

If you have trouble using a keyboard with your Mac, there are accessibility features that can help out. Here's how to enable and use them!

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How to use Zoom on Mac

The Zoom accessibility feature on Mac allows you to zoom in on the whole screen, not just part of an app. You can do it with keyboard shortcuts or by using your mouse or trackpad's scroll function along with modifier keys. Here's how!

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How to change the look of closed captions on Mac

How do you customize closed captions on the Mac? With accessibility settings!

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How to use visual and color accessibility options on your Mac

How do you change colors, contrast, transparency, cursor size, and otherwise make your Mac easier to see? With accessibility!

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How to use Dictation on Mac

If you have a mobility or motor impairment and find typing difficult, you can use Dictation on Mac so that you can speak text. Here's how!

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How to use and customize the Accessibility shortcut on iPhone and iPad

Some Accessibility features on your iPhone or iPad can be accessed or enabled by triple-clicking the Home button. You can set them to match your needs and preferences. Here's how!

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How to use Touch Accommodations on iPhone and iPad

For people with motor skill impairments, Touch Accommodations is a useful and convenient accessibility feature that helps make using a touchscreen much easier and much less frustrating. Here’s how to set things up to work for you.

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How to enable VoiceOver on Mac

VoiceOver is a handy accessibility feature on the Mac for those with visual impairments. It reads out items on the screen so that you can easily navigate and get the most out of your Mac. Here's how to enable and use it!

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How to increase contrast and reduce motion on iPhone and iPad

Delving further into visual accessibility, you can increase contrast on your iPhone, so that somewhat transparent options show up more clearly, and you can also reduce motion, so the apps on your Home screen won’t move around so much and button actions won’t be as pronounced.

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How to change text in Accessibility for iPhone and iPad

If you have a bit of a hard time seeing the text on your iPhone but only need a little help to make things better, you can just enlarge the text or make it bold. Here’s how!

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