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Accessibility Tips

How to connect hearing aids and use audio accessibility on iPhone and iPad

If you have a hearing aid or need better audio accessibility, iPhone and iPad can help.

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How to increase the legibility of your iPhone and iPad

Improve the readability of your device's screen by Increasing text size, reducing motion blur, or try other tweaks in Accessibility settings.

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How to use VoiceOver and visual accessibility on iPhone and iPad

Enabling VoiceOver and visual accessibility features allows everyone to enjoy their iPhone and iPads, even those with visual impairment.

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How to use motor accessibility on iPhone and iPad

If you've got issues with motor skills, iPhone and iPad have accessibility features just for you!

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How to enable closed captioning on Apple TV

The new Apple TV has support for closed captioning and subtitles built right in!

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How to use VoiceOver and Zoom on Apple TV

VoiceOver is a screen-reading feature that narrates your actions in the Apple TV's menus, while Zoom increases the screen up to 15 times its original size. Here's how to use them.

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How to make the interface easier to see on Apple TV

The fourth-generation Apple TV has a few interface tools in the accessibility settings section that allow you to adjust how the system looks. Let us show you how.

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How to use the Siri Remote Accessibility Shortcut on Apple TV

The fourth-generation Apple TV has a robust set of Accessibility tools, some of which are available using a shortcut on the Siri Remote. Here's how to use it.

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Making the iPhone camera accessible for the blind

Someone who can't see may still want to share photos with family, friends, and connections who can. That's why offering a Camera app that's accessible to those with limited or no vision is so important. Everyone should have the option of taking pictures of the people and places that matter to them. And yes, in the age of social media, everyone should have the option of taking a selfie. That's the essence of inclusivity.

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How to use Accessibility on Apple Watch: The ultimate guide

The Apple Watch, like all of Apple's products, has accessibility built right in.

Devices like the Apple Watch can be convenient, even empowering for many people. For those with accessibility needs, however, they can be life changing. They can let people go where they could never go before, speak with people they could never reach before, and see the world in ways that were once impossible. What's more, by making the Apple Watch accessible and inclusive to people who are blind or have visual impairments, deaf or have auditory impairments, or who have motor skill or learning or other challenges, Apple makes it more accessible and inclusive to everyone.

The Apple Watch is in its first generation, but here's all the accessibility features it already enjoys, along with how to set them up and use them.

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