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Belkin set to launch a remote camera shutter release for iPhone

Belkin is set to release a remote camera shutter controller for the iPhone according to information found in an FCC filing. The small accessory will work over a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone and it can activate the camera shutter or trigger video recording remotely.

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LifeProof case for the iPhone 4S review [giveaway]

While at the most recent Show Stoppers event, I had the opportunity to check out the LifeProof case for iPhone 4S (and iPhone 4). Protection is always key for any of our beloved electronics, and whether you are a mountain biker, a swim lover, or a karate king trying to keep your iPhone protected while doing your favorite event is a struggle -- until you meet LifeProof. The folks at LifeProof have spent a lot of time (over two years) designing this case, and a whole lot of money (over two million dollars) into making sure that their product was the best to hit the market.

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Belkin intros a trio of iPad kitchen accessories

The iPad makes an awesome recipe book for use in the kitchen but where you put it whilst you’re cooking is always a problem.  Belkin thinks its solved the problem with the introduction of three new iPad kitchen accessories.

The first accessory is the Chef Stand and Stylus; this is a washable stand with various viewing angles. It also comes with a wand or stylus which has an easy grip handle and a magnetic tip. It has been designed for you to carry on using your iPad even though your hands could be covered in food.

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WINGStand iPad keyboard stand receives Kickstarter funding [video]

The WINGStand is a clever two piece plastic stand designed to work with the official Apple Bluetooth keyboard. It clips onto the Apple keyboard and then an iPad can be used in portrait or landscape mode; you can even use the iPad while it is in its case. The stand works with the original iPad, iPad 2, iPhone or even other tablets. If you don’t want to use a keyboard, the WINGStand also works fine as a stand for your device.

The WINGStand has been developed by student Daniel Haarburger who is currently studying at Stanford University. It has already reached its target funding figure of $9,500 with more than 38 days remaining; looks like this one is going to be a very popular accessory.

You can still make a pledge and guarantee yourself one of the first ones off the production line. $20 will get you one in white, $30 if you want an exclusive black one and you can even get a package including the Apple keyboard; that will set you back over $100.

I really like the look of this and hopefully it will be available very soon. Take a look at the video after the break!


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iKeyboard Kickstarter project claims to make touch typing on the iPad a reality [video]

The iKeyboard is an interesting Kickstarter Project that aims to address an often complained about problem with any iPad. The on-screen keyboard is great for simple text input however if you have something longer to type up, it can become very awkward and uncomfortable to use. This is where iKeyboard comes in and hopes to address these issues and offer the ability to touch type on the iPad. .

The iKeyboard sits on top of the iPad’s virtual keyboard without adding much to the weight or physical size. It claims to allow you to touch type, but more importantly, not have to suspend your hands above the screen; which is anything but comfortable and often painful after prolonged text input. The iKeyboard requires the same force and travel distance to register a key press as the current Apple keyboard.

The accessory is in a working prototype stage at the moment and its claimed that it works pretty well and the highest hurdles have been jumped. As this is a Kickstarter project, the aim is to get funding to take the prototype to the next level and start production. To do this, the iKeyboard needs investment pledges which were originally set at $4000. As of today, it has received over $5000 with some 46 days left to go. It seems to be proving very popular!

Have a look at the video after the break the let us know what you think of the iKeyboard? Can you see yourself using an accessory like this? Let us know in the comments!


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Daily Tip: How to trouble shoot iPhone and iPad accessories

Having problems with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad accessories and wondering how to troubleshoot them? Here are a few basic tips which will help you identify the issue. Stick with us after the break.

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blueSLR - accessory and app review

blueSLR is a bluetooth accessory for Nikon DSLR's that pairs with your iPhone to embed GPS information into your files as well as allow you to use your iPhone as a remote shutter release. The folks at XEquals sent me a unit to test out and share with you. To find out what I think, follow along after the break!

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Griffin TuneJuice 2 Back-up Battery for iPhone - accessory review

The Griffin TuneJuice 2 Back-up Battery for iPhone is a battery charger for iPhone or iPad touch (or traditional iPds) that, instead of being rechargeable, uses AAA batteries. That means to use of the TuneJuice you do not have to constantly find an outlet and make sure you recharge it before your iPhone. You can just throw in fresh batteries and get going. So if you are traveling for a long period of time and worry that you may need to keep a few items charged then this is the charger for you.

To find out more follow us after the break!

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iPad/iPhone dock meets projector from WowWee

The WowWee Cinemin Slice is an iPad and iPhone dock that doubles as a pico projector. With it, you can project movies, videos, photos, games, and slides onto walls and ceilings. It's also equipped with a 6 watt stereo speaker system.

WowWee Cinemin Slice puts your favorite content on the big screen, wherever that may be. In a dimly lit room, Slice can project a crisp 60-inch image from over 10 feet away, or from floor-to-ceiling in a typical room. Enhanced by Texas Instruments’ superior DLP projection technology, you get an ultra-clear, high contrast picture with vivid color.

Stay with us after the break for all of the techie details!

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Monitor your heart with the iPhone 4 ECG case [video]

The iPhonECG by Lifetone Technology is a case that turns your iPhone 4 into a fully functional  ECG (Electrocardiography) device that can be used to monitor your heart. It works via  interpretation of the electrical activity of the heart over time captured and externally recorded by skin electrodes.

The case is a simple enough snap on type plastic case with two electrodes on the rear. The patient can hold the case in their hands, touching the electrodes, or hold it against their chest to capture the performance of the heart.

The information is displayed on the screen of the iPhone 4 with a dedicated app, again developed by Lifetone. It also has another app that works with the case. The second app is a personal heart rate monitor, to aid with relaxation; it is aimed more at the consumer than the professional market.

Both apps and the case will be announced at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which begins in Las Vegas next week.


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