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TomTom's Car Kit Gets FCC Approval

TiPb's 2008 iPhone Holiday Helper Gift Guide

What to get for that annoying iPhone owner who knows has everything? For that new iPhone user who's just getting started? For that last minute drop in you never expected but suddenly have to render iSpeechless?

TiPb's got you covered! Here's our 2008 Gift Guide, jammed packed with iPhone goodness just in time for the holidays, after the jump!

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Review: BlueAnt Z9i Bluetooth Headset

Is there a difference between a high-end Bluetooth Headset compared to a normal one? With so many hands-free driving laws being passed these days, the question is obviously on many consumer’s minds. The BlueAnt Z9i ($74.95) is one of those high-end headsets that manages to combine a small and sleek form factor and with a powerful piece of technology, Digital Signal Processor (DSP). On paper, it is everything you want in a Bluetooth headset. How does it test? Does it accomplish everything it sets out to do?

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Review: Marware Sportsuit Convertible Case for iPhone

Need a place to keep your hands free when you hit the gym? Looking for the ideal workout case for your iPhone? The Marware Sportsuit Convertible case for iPhone 3G ($34.95) and original iPhone ($34.95) is a workout case that keeps your iPhone always within reach and your hands free to lift weights, use the yoga ball, run faster etc. It also doubles as a slim-profile sleeve case. And even triples for a clip-on case that is attachable via belt clip. How does it all perform? Does it hold up over time?

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Review: Seidio Slim Rubberized Hard Case for the Original iPhone

The Seidio Slim Rubberized Hard Case for iPhone is available here at the Phone different Store for $29.95.  With so many choices to protect and stylize your iPhone, how does this case measure up?  Read on for the full review!

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iPhone 3G: Can't Fit Through the Kitchen Door?

Yow.  Accessory-maker EXO has posted the above image of a sample iPhone 3G case. Engadget seems to think that it's possible the here-to-for little-known company is just trolling for link and we're not disinclined to agree. Still, let's assume that these are relatively legit. That gives us two pieces of news:

The good news: it seems to be in line with the earlier "iPhone 3G case guidelines," which means that we're getting closer to confirming the look of the iPhone 3G.

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