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Sprint to SIM lock all new iPhone 4S activations starting today

According to a leaked internal Sprint memo, all Sprint iPhone 4S handsets sold starting today will have their SIM card slots locked to Sprint. It has never been fully clear how Sprint was shipping its iPhone 4S models but it now looks like they were originally shipping them with unlocked SIMS.

According to the memo, the SIM locking will be done during the iPhone’s activation process and it will be done invisibly. The customer will not see any notification of it happening.

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Experiencing iPhone 4S activation issues on AT&T? [Updated]

It is iPhone 4S release day which means activation troubles. Many people, including myself, have had their new, shiny iPhone 4S in their hands for hours, but have yet to get past the activation screen. When trying to activate with iTunes or directly on the phone, users are presented with the following message:

Your activation is still pending. You will receive an email notification once your activation is complete.

We're sorry. There was a problem connecting to the server. Please try again later.

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iTunes iPad activation servers having trouble?

Last night one of our readers, Kirk, let us know his company was having problems in iTunes activating a large quantity of original iPads. Didn't matter which version of iOS or how often they wiped or restored, iTunes wouldn't activate their iPads. A couple other readers let us know they were having similar problems.

I managed to wipe and restore both my original iPad and an iPod touch 4, but today Kirk and a lot of other folks were still having trouble.

Are you one of them? If you're iOS device won't activate, let us know which device, which version of iOS, and how long you've been having trouble.

And yes, feel free to mock Apple's dependence on iTunes tether to activate all you want.

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Apple Retail Stores to Get Full Time iPhone Experts & Activation Areas

According to Macrumors we may just start seeing iPhone dedicated activation areas as well as designated iPhone staff in our local Apple retail stores starting today.

These new staff members, rumored to be called "iPhone Experts", will obviously be there to help streamline the sales of iPhones along with providing a dedicated "expert" that can accommodate all of your iPhone needs. The whole concept behind this new layout sounds ideal for those of you who are first time Apple shoppers.

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Apple iPhone Activation Offline on Sunday, May 31?

TiPb just received a tip from inside one of Apple's carrier partners on the memo reproduced below. We can't verify it but are running it just in case anyone notices any problems and comes looking for potential causes.

Our tipster thought Apple might be using the downtime to prep for some iPhone 3.0 and next-generation iPhone hardware goodness. We have no way of verifying that either, of course, but with under 10 days to WWDC 2009, nothing -- fact or fiction -- surprises us anymore...

On Sunday evening May 31 / Monday June 1, in some time zones Apple will perform maintenance on the servers responsible for all iPhone activations.

This is a planned maintenance that begins at 8:00 p.m. and ends at 11:00 p.m., United States Pacific time.

During the scheduled downtime, attempts to activate a new iPhone will result in iTunes displaying a message that says activations are currently unavailable.

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How To: Activate your Busted up iPhone

Above, visual proof that I've managed to get my iPhone 3G activated, syncing, and restoring. How'd I do it? I followed the advice of our genius commenters, of course. Here's the deal:

Short version: Nice people wait, mean people spam the refresh but get it done.

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Don't Apply the 2.0 Update Yet, You May Go without a Phone for Awhile

As we just noted earlier today, iTunes is feeling the hurt of all the traffic today. Case in point: Activation is confirmed to be down all across Canada. We're also getting reports that some people who did manage to buy an iPhone 3G are stuck in emergency call mode and can't activate. It seems that activation is so tough right now some AT&T stores are letting customers leave without activating their iPhones. Our advice: do not leave the store without getting it activated, at least for today.

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iTunes is Grinding: The Syncing Is Down. UPDATE: Activation too?

Although Apple forces you to get your iPhone activated in-store before you walk out the door, that may not mean that people are going to have a trouble-free syncing experience today. To wit: the error message above is the best I can get when I plug my iPhone 3G into my Mac. Apparently iTunes wants to double-check that my iPhone really is what it's supposed to be. With the presumably massive number of people getting iPhone 3Gs today, iTunes is not handling the load so well.

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In Store iPhone 3G Activation to Use Special iTunes Mode?

Given how kick-in-the-crotch fake the last supposed leaked memo from Rogers (the Canadian GSM monopoly and exclusive iPhone 3G carrier) was, I'm taking this with a Rockies-sized grain of salt. If even remotely accurate, however, it looks like:

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Avast! 1.1.4 Jailbreak and Unlock Update

Engadget has put together a veritable jolly roger of an update to iPhone firmware 1.1.4 jailbreaking and SIM unlocking.

These methods include the usual scurvy gang of iNdependence 1.4 beta 5 for OS X, Zibri's cross-platform Ziphone 2.5, and a new, and potentially mega-infringing stow-away: iTunes (looks to be purely proof-of-concept at the moment).

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