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iPad Air launch sees 200% boost in AT&T activations over last year

AT&T has announced that they saw a 200% increase in iPad activations during the iPad Air launch weekend, compared to that of the iPad 4 and iPad mini last year. AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega credited the excitement over the iPad Air, the carrier's Mobile Share plan, and the carrier's new Next program. AT&T:

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iPhone activations see huge spike on Christmas day, significant increase in App Store downloads

Apple's iOS device activation numbers saw a huge spike of around 353 percent on Christmas Day. In addition, app sales jumped up a full 252 percent after millions of people opened their new iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod touch and headed straight for the App Store.

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Tim Cook on Android activations: Apple's numbers are straight forward, transparent, quarterly

During today's Q3 2011 conference call, Apple Chief Operating Office, Tim Cook was asked about Android activation numbers being higher than Apple iOS numbers. Cook's response, paraphrased:

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During his 2010 Apple special music event numbers breakdown, Steve Jobs said that Apple is activating 230,000 iOS devices a day. He made sure to point out those were new activations and said some of their "friends" (read: Google) are counting upgrades in their numbers (200,000 Android activations a day).

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AT&T Activates 400-500K iPads 3G in Q3, using more data than iPhone

In addition to the 3.2 million iPhones AT&T activated on their network last quarter they also switched on 400-500K iPad 3G. What's more:

It's "surprising" how many business customers are approaching AT&T about the iPad.

Business Insider quips that Microsoft should look out, but given the profit share Apple has taken on iPhone and the low margins of typical PC hardware, what damage they may not do to unit sales they may well do to revenue.

What's also interesting is that iPad users are consuming more data than iPhone users though less than 3G laptop users and 75-80% are on the unlimited 2GB plan.


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