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iPhone support is coming to Novell GroupWise!

Alex Evans, GroupWise Product Manager has announced in his blog that the ActiveSync protocol is coming to GroupWise in a future update. What does this new native support mean for iPhone users? Well, it means that you will be able to sync your GroupWise calendar and contacts to your iPhone via the Exchange conduit (located under Settings-->Mail-->Add Account). This is truly exciting. ActiveSync is quickly becoming the mobile sync standard for devices and businesses that do not have or cannot connect to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).

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How To: Choose and Set Up Hosted Exchange on iPhone ActiveSync

For most of us today, email is a major part of our lives. Whether it be for business or personal reasons, one thing we all look for in an email service, especially if we are paying for it, is reliability. So what if you're not having the best of luck with Apple's MobileMe service or any other IMAP alternatives? Maybe it's time to consider a hosted Exchange account. Not familiar with Exchange? Then be sure to check out Rene's excellent article from a while back, Walkthrough: Exchange ActiveSync On Your iPhone 2.0. That article can give you a great understanding of exactly how Exchange works on the iPhone.

Don't have a corporate solution or your very own Exchange server, though? No problem! I'm going to be giving you some very reliable hosted Exchange services as well as some tips on getting it up and running for the flawless email you have been seeking!

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How To: Use MobileMe and Exchange on the iPhone at the Same Time

Apple's MobileMe News blog is back after a bit of a hiatus with some helpful info on how, exactly, MobileMe and and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync work and play together (or vice versa):

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iPhone 2.0: Welcome, from Microsoft + Tips!

Following up our Exchange Activesync for the iPhone 2.0 walkthrough, and some FREE/cheap Hosted Exchange solutions for users without Megacorps, here's an official "welcome!" from biggest Megacorp of them all, Microsoft. More specifically, from the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog:

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Walkthrough: Exchange ActiveSync On Your iPhone 2.0

If MobileMe is Apple's "Exchange for the rest of us", then ActiveSync is Microsoft's "Exchange for the most of them". After Windows and Office, it's arguably the 3rd pillar of Microsoft's business domination. Blackberry's can (and almost de facto do) connect to them, Windows Mobiles certainly connect to them. Even the aging Palm OS Treo's have ActiveSync support. And with the 2.0 software, the iPhone does as well.

Caveat: Microsoft loves them some monopoly power and proprietary solutions (in this case, for example, using their own MAPI rather than the IMAP IDLE standard for "push" email). They may be becoming increasingly open in the face of Web-based competition, but their crown jewels are still closely guarded. So, while Outlook connects directly to Exchange for -- according to them -- the "richest experience", and Windows Mobile probably follows a close second, iPhone like other ActiveSync licensees connects via something called Outlook Web Access, the same way a web browser might.

How does this experience stack up in richness? Read on to find out!

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.Mac To Be Revamped Alongside iPhone 2.0?!

Updating yesterday's story about .Mac getting the push-email treatment in iPhone 2.0, TUAW's tipsters are back with this little gem:

According to our anonymous tipster, .Mac will undergo a complete revamp that will coincide with the iPhone 2.0 launch (which everyone expects to occur at WWDC 08).

Again with the asking and receiving, eh?

Rumored highlights for the updated .Mac include full wireless (cell + wifi?) calendar, contacts, and email (an Apple Exchange anyone?) and .Mac support for -- you guessed it! -- Windows.

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Is ActiveSync an "Open" Apple Trojan Horse? - Wait-a-Thon

Roughly Drafted, the passionate little partisan site that could, is back with a look at why Apple would choose to license ActiveSync from Microsoft while at the same time championing more open standards like IMAP and CalDAV with Leopard Server.

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Microsoft on iPhone ActiveSync

Apple to RIM: You Been Served!

During the iPhone SDK Roadmap event today, Apple strolled up to RIM, slipped out a glove, dropped a brick into it, and slapped out one "boom" of a challenge.

Blackberry is an email monster, no doubt about it. Intoxicating "push" delivery and back-end IT administration have made it the darling of the enterprise world. But it isn't without problems: due to the centralized server-model RIM utilizes (where all mail is collected by RIM prior to being pushed out to end-users), there's a single point of failure for all Blackberry users everywhere (as seen in two recent, service-wide outages) -- and a single point of exploit as well (where an attack on RIM's server could compromise the privacy and security of the entire user base).

Read on for more!

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