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Samsung’s latest ad quietly pokes fun at Apple with references to trademark infringements

Samsung has released its latest ad which will also be the ad it will show during this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Samsung has a long running ad campaign that tries to make fun of Apple and this one is no different. In the ad, you can see three guys sitting around a table brainstorming ideas for the actual ad.

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Samsung fires another cheap shot at Apple with ad poking fun at Apple Maps

Samsung hasn't wasted anytime taking advantage of Apple’s problems with its Maps app in Australia. In a strange marketing campaign in Sydney, Samsung set up a muddied 4 x 4 vehicle in the city center with a tent and other camping supplies strewn around it, making it appear that the owners were lost.

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Best Buy airs its own ad ‘Finding Santa’, solely for Apple products

Best Buy has put together its own ad for the holiday season, this latest one concentrates solely on Apple products. The ad features a young boy trying to track down Santa. Unfortunately he has little success until the last minute when he manages to get a FaceTime call with the white bearded man in the red suit.

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Samsung ad takes yet another shot at iPhone lines, new iPhone 5 features

Samsung has rolled out another of its ads that aim to poke fun at Apple iPhone 5 buyers and those that plan on waiting in line for one tomorrow. Samsung released a similar ad last year just after the iPhone 4S went on sale; so these poor attempts at advertising and humor from Samsung are nothing really new. This latest ad is supposedly there to promote its Samsung Galaxy S3 under the heading of “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here”.

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Three new commercials focused on the Apple Store Genius debut during Olympic Games opening ceremonies

Apple aired three new style commercials during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games; which is currently being held in London. The new style commercials are quite cheeky and unlike anything we have seen from Apple before. They are quite tongue in cheek and show a blue shirted Apple genius in each advertisement, coming to the rescue of customers.

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Samsung takes another swipe at iPhone users with its latest ad

Samsung has again launched an attack on iPhone users with its advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S II Android phone.

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Samsung's new ad looks just like an Apple ad, uses one of the same actors too

Samsung has seemingly stepped up its spat with Apple by releasing an ad that not only resembles an iPad ad but incredulously even uses one of the same girls that Apple has used in one of its ads.

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Apple’s iPhone 4S Santa Siri ad was the most effective holiday advertisement

Apple’s iPhone 4S Santa Siri ad was the most effective advertisement for the holiday season according to ad analysis company Ace Metrix.

Ace Metrix scores ads based on perceived effectiveness by a selection of randomly selected viewers, which it says are “representative of the U.S. TV viewing audience.”

Apple’s ad scored 652 points out of a total of 950 and beat other huge manufacturers like Coca Cola, Nintendo and Duracell. The ad shows Santa using Siri on an iPhone 4S to help him with his annual task of delivering presents all over the world.

Source: Gigaom

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Santa uses Siri to help make his Christmas rounds

Apple has released a new iPhone 4S commercial outlining how Santa uses Siri on the new iPhone 4S to help make his rounds on Christmas.

While Siri is still in beta, and still has plenty of rough edges, Apple continues to make it the staple feature in its advertising campaigns. Whether that troubles anyone or not, the ad itself is very well done. My favorite part is near the end when Santa asks Siri how how the rest of his day looks, to which Siri responds with... Well, watch it and find out!

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Monday Humor: The Pug that can’t stand the iPhone

Some animals just have no taste and this Pug is definitely one of them. Picture the scene; he is happily lying on his owner’s bed watching TV when a commercial comes on. The commercial is for the latest and greatest iPhone 4S but this Pug is having none of it. It sends him into a barking and growling frenzy, stamping his feet, gnashing his teeth, it really is a site to behold. As soon as the ad is finished, he settles down again and continues watching the TV.

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