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Want to try out for free? Here's 200 invitations!

Until recently, (ADN) invitations were limited and could be hard to come by. So, ADN has reached out to iMore, and other, similar websites, where the community is filled with just the type of people who might enjoy trying out and using their service. And they're handing out a heap of invitations. 200 to put a number on it. That's a good number, but they'll go fast. If you want want, grab it now!

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How to integrate ADN messaging with Mac Messages using Project Amy

If you're a fan of's messaging service, there's a nifty little plugin by developer Steve Streza, called Project Amy, that lets you integrate your ADN account directly into Apple's Messages app under OS X Mountain Lion. Project Amy is pretty straight forward, and will allow you to send and receive private messages just like you would on ADN straight through Messages.

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Project Amy integrates messaging into Apple's Messages for Mac

Developer Steve Streza, best known as part of the Pocket team, has taken his Apparchy joint from last year -- the one that let you post to (ADN)'s micro-blogging service via the official Twitter client -- and upstaged it with Project Amy, a way to post to ADN's messaging platform with Apple's Messages app for Mac. Streza writes on Informal Protocol:

More → adds free, invite-only limited account tier (ADN) has just announced a new, free account tier. It's by invite only, so if you want in you'll have to hit up an existing, paid friend with an account. It's also limited, in that you can't engage with as many people or host as much data as a paid account. What it is is a way to sample one of the most interesting cloud services to date. Dalton Caldwell dropped the F-as-in-free-bomb on the ADN blog:

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Felix for updated to support ADN storage and more!

Felix by tigerbears, one of the most distinctive clients to date, has updated with new features to take advantage of ADN's growing list of uniquely non-Twitter-like attributes. Namely, Felix now supports ADN's new File API, so you can store your photos and videos directly in your ADN account, and not have to worry about third-party hosting services.

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Follow Friday: Get your daily dose of iMore on Twitter, ADN, Facebook, or Google+!

If you're new to the iPhone, iPad, or Apple, if you just discovered iMore, or if you've only begun signing up for Twitter, (ADN), Facebook, or Google+, then you may not be aware of the wonderful confluence that brings them all together -- you can follow iMore right on your favorite social networks!

And as a bittersweet aside to those who have been following iMore for a while, our own Georgia has finally changed her Twitter handle from @GeorgiaTiPb to @Georgia_Prime. It's been just over a year since our site name changed from TiPb to iMore, so it made sense, but it was still a little sad to see that remnant fade away.

But that was then and this is now, and if you haven't followed iMore or your favorite writers yet, now's the time to do it. Don't forget to leave your Twitter, ADN, Google+, Instagram, and other links in the comments either, we'd love to know where to find you as well!

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Netbot updated with direct Messages on, goes free in effort to spur service adoption

When Netbot was launched back in October of last year, we praised it as a fine client for the fledgling service. Since then both the service and the app have evolved, with version 1.3 of Netbot gaining support for the new Messaging API. Additionally, in an effort to spur adoption of, developer Tapbots has decided to reduce the price for Netbot to free.

More → adds File API, talks "unbundling", gives members 10GB of cloud storage, which pivoted to a Twitter-style service when Twitter began choking out third party client developers, has now taken a bold new step towards what just might be a bigger, unbundled future. And, oh yeah, that future comes with 10GB of cloud storage for members. Dalton Caldwell writes on the blog:

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Push notifications, search come to Netbot for

Both push notifications and search have come to Tapbots' popular (ADN) client, Netbot, thanks to today's version 1.1. Update. While push notifications was likely the last big missing piece on many people's ADN puzzles -- our own Netbot review included -- both new features nicely round out what was already one of the best clients on any platform.

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Netbot vs. Felix vs. Rivr: apps for iPhone shootout!

While (ADN) may be pretty new, it doesn't mean many users aren't already on it, including iMore and our staff. Even though the service hasn't been around for very long, there are already some choices when it comes to choosing an ADN iPhone app.

Netbot, Felix, and Rivr are all fully functional ADN apps for iPhone but is one better than the other, and more importantly, which one should you use? Follow along and we'll help you decide.

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