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iMore, ADN, and the importance of different answers

We've had @iMore set up on for a while now but this week we flipped the switch to start posting our stories there. We're using to handle the posts, and it's not a great solution. Basically it checks the iMore RSS from Twitter and then copies that over to ADN. Unfortunately that includes @replies, which I'd rather it didn't. That's part of the reason we waited -- hoping that something better would come along, like the service we use for Twitter, but nothing seems to have so far. We could have kept waiting, but because two major barriers to entry dropped last week, and APN picked up steadily, it made sense to start now. We had readers there, they wanted to get iMore content there, it's our job to provide it.

And here's how we'll do it.

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Felix for for iPhone review

Felix is an iPhone client for the Twitter-like social network called There may not be very many iPhone apps available for the service, yet, but even with little competition, the folks at tigerbears have done a beautifully phenomenal job with Felix.

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Follow iMore and Mobile Nations on

You can now follow iMore, and our Mobile Nations sibling sites on the new social network/micro-blogging service:

And you can follow many of our editors, writers, and hosts there as well:

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