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Google login now unified between YouTube and Adsense iOS apps

With the release of the version 2.0 update for YouTube, Google it seems has slipped something in with perhaps more far reaching connotations; unified logins. Anyone who has both the latest YouTube app and the Google Adsense app for iOS can now log in to one of the apps, and find their account ready to go on the other.

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Google Announces Adsense for Mobile Applications for iPhone

We all know Google isn't a search engine company, they're a company that makes googzillions of dollars monetizing search (and trying to monetize other things) via their AdSense advertising platform. For iPhones, this was previously constrained to the browser window of Mobile Safari (or Chrome Lite for Android users). Now, however, the Official Google Blog announces:

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Want Google Ads Optimized For Your iPhone?

When Apple launched the iPhone, they teased a "breakthrough internet device" and promised us "just the internet" in our pocket. Increasingly, the internet is becoming synonymous with Google, and how does Google make it's Microsoft-rivaling money again?

No, not search. Advertising! And now, everyone's favorite online advertiser is getting ready to better serve up their ads on the iPhone. With MobileSafari's monstrous browser share, who couldn't see this one coming?

Says Google (via Ars Technica):

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