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Adult Content

iPhone App Store Just Says No to Nudity -- For Now?

Last week the first iPhone (and iPod touch) app to feature nudity was live in the iTunes App Store. Technically, however, it was simply a change in the server behind the app -- the developer added nude images.

Subsequently, however, the app became unavailable. The developer first reported that their own servers couldn't keep up with demand for the newly nudified images, but it turns out Apple laid the hammer down on the "soft-core porn" app:

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iPhone 3.0 Parental Controls Allow First Adult App onto iPhone (NSFW-N)

[iPhone coverage added to make image as viewer-safe as possible - Ed]

Well, at least it took longer than push notification or turn-by-turn navigation, right?

As should be no surprise, given how the porn industry is typically among the first to adapt to new technologies, Macenstein reports that the first app to feature nudity has made it into the iTunes App Store.

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iPhone iPr0n: Battle Begins For Control of the Mobile Adult Web

Newsflash: There's porn on the internet. The iPhone brings you just the internet. Now, with tortoise-like speed, the rocket scientists over at Time seem to have put 1 and 1 together and come up with ZOMGiPR0nZ!!11 Mobile erotica. The pornet in your pocket. Seems people are even -- gasp! -- Googletubing for it!

Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, because, frankly, I'm not a sociologist, and I can't tell you if North American faux-puritanism, divided by ultra-conservatives perpetually getting their hands caught in the proverbial cookie jar, multiplied by institutionalized madonna/whore complexes, all equals a continental multiple-personality disorder so confusing it makes the average episode of Lost seem like a linear 1970s serial drama.

How so? Read on while I rant on... after the break.

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