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Anyone with an Apple ID can now create iAds

If you’re reading this, you probably have an Apple ID. And that means you can now open an account with iAd Workbench. You, too, can be a digital Mad Man! Before today, you had to be a registered mobile app developer to take advantage of Apple’s iAds. By lowering the barrier to entry, Apple falls more in line with the likes of Facebook and more recently Twitter in competing for advertising dollars. Only question now is what do you have to sell?

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iPhone 5s gets magazine ad campaign highlighting Touch ID, gold model

Apple has released its first magazine advertisment for the iPhone 5s. The ad, on the back of this week's issue of The New Yorker, features an iPhone 5s in gold, with the photograph of the device focused on the Touch ID sensor. The text of the ad reads:

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iTunes Radio advertisement details reported, to be a mix of audio, video and interactive

Some details about how the ads in iTunes Radio will work appear to have emerged with several big names such as McDonald's, Nissan, and Pepsi having reportedly signed on for the program. It seems that there will be three types of advertisements in iTunes Radio; audio, video, and "slate", which are interactive that take over a screen.

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Apple teases fall release for new Mac Pro with ad in movie theaters

Apple is now showing a teaser for the new Mac Pro in movie theaters. The video is apparently a slightly tweaked version of the one shown at WWDC this year, accoring to MacRumors.

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iAds dev kit is now available

This is just a heads up to developers who are looking to get their hands dirty with iAds as you can now do so by joining the iAd Network and downloading the development kit Apple has just released.

The iAd Network provides an intuitive environment for you to easily incorporate iAd rich media ads into your applications. You can also monitor performance and track revenue. iPhone Developer Program members can join the iAd Network today.

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1 Million Reasons why Palm Pre Shot at iPhone Misses

Sprint and the Palm Pre just decided to bring it to Apple's iPhone via a perfectly nifty, if factually inaccurate(1), little ad-esque banner posted on Facebook. already pipped us to the relevant quote post, citing McNamee's infamous CEOh-snap moment from the past:

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New iPhone Ad Focuses on Finding, Figuring, and Fixing

No sooner did we mention Apple's new "reading" themed iPhone ad, then another one caught our attention. Fix highlights Rocket Taxi for finding a cab, Tipulator for figuring out a tip, and MultiLevel for fixing a bookcase (presumably where your reading apps are sitting?)

Again, the ads are careful to show the entire experience from pressing a Home screen icon to launch the app to using the app, to getting answers and results.

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New iPhone Ad Focuses on Reading Apps

Classics (and all around awesome icon and UI) designer Sebastiaan de With posted on his Cocoia blog that his co-creation is currently being featured in a new ad for the iPhone:

How very awesome it is to see this on Apple’s website (and possibly on TV!). You can read about the design process of Classics here.

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A Really Big iPod Touch Advertisement Invades

If anyone checked out late last night they would have been smacked right in the eye with quite possibly the biggest iPod Touch Banner Ad Ever. After releasing the new iPhone "game changer" commercial during the baseball playoffs, it looks like Apple is focusing on expanding the iPhone/iPod Touch product line by reaching sports fans. Good idea? I don't know maybe Apple is thinking they can turn sports fans into Apple fanboys..

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Attack of the iPhone Ads

Have you been noticing more and more advertisements while using your favorite apps or while browsing the net on iPhone optimized sites?

According to AdMob, a company that provides advertising solutions that are created for the iPhone:

“Ads on the iPhone deliver strong engagement for advertisers with triple, on average, the already high click-through-rates seen on mobile devices. The company’s new rich media ad units designed for the iPhone have been live for just over a month and now has a reach of more than 100 million impressions worldwide each month."

That seems like big business if indeed true:

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